Hong Kong Film Festival: How to Get Nominated Next Year?

March is a big month for movies/films, with international and local film events. In Hong Kong, two film-related events impact Hong Kong movies. These events include Filmart and the Hong Kong Film Festival. These events are crucial to filmmakers in Asia. The Filmart event provides an opportunity for film projects to be purchased by well-known [...]

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How a Cast Injury Could Ruin the Future of a Film?

Joining the filmmaking industry is getting a bit easier with the increase in technology and movies being filmed on phones. It is inspiring to all filmmakers worldwide. Especially with the Oscars passing this week, more and more producers are investing in creative projects to inspire the industry. Although creating a visual project comes with risks. [...]

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All You Need to Know About Film Insurance

It is a lazy Sunday afternoon; you don't want to move from that comfy sofa; what do you do?- Most of us put on our streaming platform and watch a good movie or show. A good movie or show can entertain, educate, and inspire us as viewers in various ways. Films/shows have become a [...]

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