Key Reasons Hong Kong Events Need Event Insurance

Hong Kong is an exciting city that never disappoints. There is always something to do and look forward to, regardless of your interests. One of the main reasons for this charm is the variety of events in Hong Kong. There are constantly new events in Hong Kong for various target audiences and occasions. In [...]

How To Deal with Event Risks Due to Inclement Weather?

Organising an event is hard work and hectic due to the planning, budgeting, communication and much more. Most events are organised by businesses promoting a product, talent, brand, communicating a specific message or benefiting the community. When organising events, there are various things to consider and understand—one of these factors being event risks. Event [...]

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Understanding the Risks of Hosting Business Seminars

Hosting business seminars is a common practice worldwide and is a great opportunity. Business seminars, also known as conferences, are events hosted by a business or organisation to educate or train about a specific topic. The seminar topics could be almost anything connected to any industry, business trend or job role.  Hosts invite experts [...]

How To Successfully Organise a Halloween Party Event?

It's that time of the year when it is socially acceptable to dress up as whatever you want and go to parties. Halloween is just a few weeks away, and there is a high demand for Halloween party events. It is the perfect time for businesses to plan Halloween events to entertain guests, promote [...]

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How To Successfully Organise a Family-Friendly Summer Event?

Hong Kong summer is an excellent time for families to spend time together. Many parents are looking for opportunities for fun activities for their kids and themselves. Family-friendly summer events are a golden opportunity for parents and kids of all ages. The current Hong Kong family activities focus too much on young children and [...]

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10 Steps to Organise a Classical Music Tour in Asia

Touring is a big part of any music band or artist. There are various types of music tours around the world. Touring helps musicians grow and create a bigger brand image, regardless of genre - Music tours could be anything from a rock band to a classical music tour. Classical music is a music [...]

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Why Did Pandemic Insurance Pay $141 Million to Wimbledon?

The winter games began on February 4 this year and going as scheduled, unlike many events in the past years. COVID has changed the sports industry and events worldwide. There have been thousands of events proponed or cancelled, resulting in millions of dollars in loss. A lot of the loss could have been avoided years [...]

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Planning A Concert: Have You Thought About Event Insurance?

An event could be anything from a conference to a concert. Obviously, we all know which is the fun one. Concerts are one of the best ways to let loose and enjoy music live. Many artists tour worldwide at least once a year and get booked by various countries and venues. Attending a concert [...]

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A Ultimate Guide To Event Insurance And Why Do You Need It?

The past few years have taught us one thing: hosting events can be unpredictable. There will always be incidents that will surprise us, for good and sadly for the bad too. When hosts face these kinds of negative surprises, it can ruin plans and future events. These incidents can be [...]

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