Effective Steps to Professionally Handle Business Lawsuits

When starting a business, there is always a chance of legal trouble. Business lawsuits are more common than founders believe. A company could get sued for several reasons, such as errors, negligence, breach of contract, employee disputes, product defects or slip & falls. Whether the claim is true or false, the company's fault or [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Recognise And Prevent Employee Burnout

Over time the workplace has become a more competitive environment. Employees are trying to stand out from their peers, and companies are pushing their employees to reach goals faster. Competition can indeed drive success, but it can also create negative environments and work stress. Work stress has increased worldwide more than ever; employees are [...]

Why Is Employee Compensation Insurance Important In Hong Kong?

All businesses run with the help of employees. CEOs and directors have a vision for their business and an idea of how they want to grow to succeed. Employees are part of creating and executing the vision with the instructions they receive. Successful companies understand that employees are crucial assets for a business to [...]

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Basics of Employee Compensation in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, only one insurance is strictly mandatory for every employer, whether corporation or individual. It is called Employee Compensation and it is regulated by the Employee Compensation Ordinance written in the Laws of Hong Kong and enacted by the Labour Department. Failing to comply with this legal code can result [...]

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