8 Tips to Improve Workplace Safety in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has various types of workplaces, from offices to construction sites. Regardless of the kind of workplace, every place has safety risks that must be dealt with before it's too late. Workplace safety in Hong Kong should always be a vital practice for every business. Injuries and illness are examples of workplace injuries, [...]

Ultimate Guide to Recognise And Prevent Employee Burnout

Over time the workplace has become a more competitive environment. Employees are trying to stand out from their peers, and companies are pushing their employees to reach goals faster. Competition can indeed drive success, but it can also create negative environments and work stress. Work stress has increased worldwide more than ever; employees are [...]

How To Protect Your Employees During Hong Kong Summer?

Hong Kong weather is as unpredictable as the lottery; you never know what the outcome will be weekly. It may be sunny today and begin to pour the next day. The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) does a great job informing locals; however, even then, it is still a shock. One thing is certain is [...]

Important Hong Kong Insurance Knowledge For Employees

Companies purchase insurance to protect against numerous risks, which they do not explain to their employees. Insurance for companies can be a complex topic, and many employees avoid learning about policies themselves. However, all employees must have some basic Hong Kong insurance knowledge that can protect them in the future. When employees understand insurance, [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Startup Insurance

Daily, people are creating new companies in the hope of success. These companies aim to change the world with innovative ideas and unique working styles. These companies are well-known as startups. A startup is a new company that has developed a unique business idea, aims to impact immediately, and takes over the market. In [...]

The Insurances Needed in The Video Game Industry

We all have played games on our PlayStations, phones, or computers. Video games are incredibly addictive and take us into a fantasy world for hours. Moreover, playing games can improve brain activity (not all) and are fun. Therefore, we should thank the video game industry for their intense, complex, innovative work in creating the [...]

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Case Study:How Employee Compensation Insurance Covered an Office Party?

Employees are one of the most essential factors in any business. They assist the business run and turn the CEO’s vision into reality. Therefore, companies need to ensure that their employees know they are appreciated with rewards, compliments, celebrations and insurance. Employee compensation insurance is a compulsory factor that helps business insure their employees while [...]

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Case Study : How did Employee Compensation Insurance save 200,000 HKD?

This case study will explain a work injury case and how employee compensation insurance has helped one of our client (employer). Employee compensation insurance is mandatory for every employer in Hong Kong. The insurance helps companies protect their employees by providing coverage for injuries and occupational illnesses that may occur during their working period. Therefore [...]

Why Is Employee Compensation Insurance Important In Hong Kong?

All businesses run with the help of employees. CEOs and directors have a vision for their business and an idea of how they want to grow to succeed. Employees are part of creating and executing the vision with the instructions they receive. Successful companies understand that employees are crucial assets for a business to [...]

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Basics of Employee Compensation in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, only one insurance is strictly mandatory for every employer, whether corporation or individual. It is called Employee Compensation and it is regulated by the Employee Compensation Ordinance written in the Laws of Hong Kong and enacted by the Labour Department. Failing to comply with this legal code can result [...]

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