Family Insurance: Protect Your Family in Hong Kong!

Families in Hong Kong come in all sizes, and every member is as important as the other. Keeping your family safe and happy is one of the most important things. As a parent or guardian, you must protect them from sudden unfortunate situations. Families in Hong Kong could face several risks, which can result [...]

Top Benefits of Hiring Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

Many families consist of both partners working, which makes it challenging to balance work, life and family. Domestic helpers are vital to Hong Kong; many families could not live in the city without their helper(s). In fact, over 390,000 domestic helpers in Hong Kong help their employers with their busy lifestyles. Domestic helpers are [...]

Top 5 Reasons for Domestic Helper Insurance in Hong Kong

Almost every adult in Hong Kong works from morning to evening and lives a hectic lifestyle focused on work and earning. Unfortunately, the busy lifestyle does not make this easy, as both partners must work to provide their families with the best life. Living in Hong Kong sounds tough, doesn't it? - This is [...]

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How Helper Insurance Saved An Employer HKD 80,000?

This case study explains why high-quality domestic helper insurance is crucial to avoid significant financial bills when your helper falls sick or is injured. Nearly all Hong Kong residents have hired domestic helpers, nannies, housekeepers or maids. The domestic helper insurance provides the helper with accidental and medical protection and helps the employer meet the agreement [...]

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Domestic Helper Insurance, Why do you need it?

In Hong Kong, it is very common to have a domestic helper that helps your household with the daily chores. From cleaning to take care of the kids, the domestic helpers are multi-tasking and can be subject to injury during their course of work. What insurance can protect the domestic [...]

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