E-commerce Business Cyber Risks to Be Aware of in 2024

E-commerce is the trading of products or services online using the Internet. E-commerce businesses have changed the way the world trades and shops worldwide. The Internet has created opportunities for small businesses and startups to reach a wide market and succeed. Amazon, one of the biggest e-commerce websites, sells around 66 thousand orders per [...]

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2024 Cyber Threat Predictions: Are You Protected?

As businesses move towards 2024, cyber threats continue to be a major concern, with millions of attacks recorded in 2023.  Dealing with any form of cyber-attack is complex and costly. In fact, IBM has recorded that an average data breach takes 227 days to recover and costs around USD 4.45 million in 2023. IT [...]

Holidays Cyber-attacks: Is Your Business Protected?

The holidays are the time to relax, travel and forget any possible work stress. For most businesses, the holiday season begins in October/November and lasts until January. The holiday season is when many businesses increase their sales and bring in more website traffic, and overall, it is the busiest time of the year. With [...]

Top 5 Benefits of Cyber Insurance for Your Business

Almost 4000 cyber-attacks occur every day worldwide. Every 14 seconds, a company is affected by an attack. As a business, if this doesn't scare you, we don't know what will. Cyber-attacks hit businesses worldwide; it's not about if anymore, it's more about when. Even with a robust cybersecurity system, there is a chance a [...]

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Top 10 Steps to Increase Business Cybersecurity Today

Businesses heavily depend on the Internet in this digital age. The Internet has become critical for selling, marketing, data collection and much more. The increase in digital transformation has also increased the risk of cyber-attacks.  Any business using the Internet can be a victim of a cyber-attack – no one is safe these days. [...]

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Cyber Threats Of 2022 – Why Cyber Insurance is Crucial Now?

Over the years, technology has changed our world and integrated into our daily lives. Technology has made our lives easier, faster, and more fun. It is almost impossible to meet anyone that hasn't benefited from technology and the increasingly fast internet. It's tough to imagine life without the internet and technology - you would [...]

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