Top 10 Steps to Increase Business Cybersecurity Today

Businesses heavily depend on the Internet in this digital age. The Internet has become critical for selling, marketing, data collection and much more. The increase in digital transformation has also increased the risk of cyber-attacks.  Any business using the Internet can be a victim of a cyber-attack – no one is safe these days. [...]

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ChatGPT Risks That Could Affect Businesses Worldwide

We are at a stage of time where technology is turning into what we are used to seeing in movies. One of the technologies is fully functional artificial intelligence (AI). Different software are quickly integrating AI to follow human instructions and provide desired outcomes. A recently released AI movement is ChatGPT, which everyone is [...]

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Predicted Cyber Threats in 2023 – Are You Cyber Ready?

As we near the end of 2022, many businesses and industries will reflect over the year. The reflection helps understand what they did right and wrong and analyse possible threats of 2023. 2022 has been a complicated year where things seem to be returning to normal (post covid) but also wars and weather disasters.  [...]

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