Case Study: Why Every Business Needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

This case study explains how every professional is at risk of being sued for their mistake while performing their role. Lawsuits can arise from anywhere due to negligence, intellectual property, misrepresentation and more. These lawsuits can ruin a business financially and damage its reputation. Professional indemnity insurance provides coverage for professionals and companies to protect against [...]

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Case Study: How Helper Insurance Saved An Employer HKD 80,000?

This case study explains why high-quality domestic helper insurance is crucial to avoid significant financial bills when your helper falls sick or is injured. Nearly all Hong Kong residents have hired domestic helpers, nannies, housekeepers or maids. The domestic helper insurance provides the helper with accidental and medical protection and helps the employer meet the agreement [...]

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Case Study: How Travel Insurance Saved a Family From a Volcano ?

Covid has ruined thousands of travel plans and paused travelling for more than a year. Finally, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, and travelling has begun again. Travelling is unique and fun but can come with unexpected risks. Travel insurance is a policy you purchase that protects you from [...]

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Case Study: Product liability Insurance vs E-Cigarette Explosion Claim

This case study will explain a product injury case and how product liability insurance has helped our client. Product liability insurance covers claims is linked to product defects. A company will be liable for any defects if they design, manufactures or sell a product. In addition, if the product causes property damage, harm or illness [...]

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Case Study : How did Employee Compensation Insurance save 200,000 HKD?

This case study will explain a work injury case and how employee compensation insurance has helped one of our client (employer). Employee compensation insurance is mandatory for every employer in Hong Kong. The insurance helps companies protect their employees by providing coverage for injuries and occupational illnesses that may occur during their working period. Therefore [...]

Case Study: How Home Insurance Can Make A Difference?

This case study will explain a Hong Kong example of how home insurance has helped one of our clients and provided him with significant benefits. Home insurance offers coverage to a home and the physical contents that were damaged by the unpredictable event. Events can be anything, such as a storm, flood, earthquake, theft, vandalism, [...]

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