How To Deal With Non-Payment Due to A Bankrupt Business

Trade credit is a payment option used by thousands to millions of companies for their purchases. It enables businesses to receive products or services without paying immediately. Instead, they can pay on an agreed timeline, usually weeks after receiving the product(s). However, such financial arrangements come with risks that can disrupt the suppliers’ financial [...]

How Home Insurance Coverd a Home Flooding After A Holiday?

There are more and more people travelling over summer holidays and planning future Christmas holidays too. Things finally seem to be brightening up, and a holiday is a perfect way to forget the past crazy years and relax. Although there are a few things, one must do before leaving for a holiday. An important checklist [...]

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How a Cast Injury Could Ruin the Future of a Film?

Joining the filmmaking industry is getting a bit easier with the increase in technology and movies being filmed on phones. It is inspiring to all filmmakers worldwide. Especially with the Oscars passing this week, more and more producers are investing in creative projects to inspire the industry. Although creating a visual project comes with risks. [...]

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The Difference Between D&O And PI Insurance

Businesses need insurance that provides the best liability protection-Director and officer (D&O) insurance and professional indemnity (PI) insurance. Unfortunately, there is common confusion between these two insurances. They both have their specific cover and conditions. Each insurance covers lawsuits from a different party regarding the duty performed. A business and its managers can be [...]

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Jewellery Transportation- Can You Cover Stolen Jewellery?

Jewellery isn't just shiny diamonds we see in high-end stores. Many people don't even notice they have some sort of jewellery on them, for example, a watch, bracelet, neckless and so much more. Obviously, that watch may not be as precious as a 24-carat ring but is still considered a jewellery asset. The more expensive [...]

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Deepfakes- Are You Ready for an AI Cyber-Attack?

Internet and technology make it easier for businesses to develop and reach a larger range of their target market. The internet has truly become the backbone of business in the 21st century and is almost impossible to ignore. Although, as technology develops, so do cyber risks such as AI cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks are getting more innovative [...]

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Case Study:How Employee Compensation Insurance Covered an Office Party?

Employees are one of the most essential factors in any business. They assist the business run and turn the CEO’s vision into reality. Therefore, companies need to ensure that their employees know they are appreciated with rewards, compliments, celebrations and insurance. Employee compensation insurance is a compulsory factor that helps business insure their employees while [...]

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Why Product Recall Insurance is Crucial in the Food Industry?

Every product comes with its risks, especially in the food industry. The food industry is creating millions of products daily. Therefore, various food product risks could be dangerous to the member of the public. Threats could include undeclared ingredients (allergies), untested ingredients or even material contamination (e.g. glass). Therefore, the food industry has to be [...]

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Why Did Pandemic Insurance Pay $141 Million to Wimbledon?

The winter games began on February 4 this year and going as scheduled, unlike many events in the past years. COVID has changed the sports industry and events worldwide. There have been thousands of events proponed or cancelled, resulting in millions of dollars in loss. A lot of the loss could have been avoided years [...]

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Case Study: How Cargo Insurance Covered HKD 900,000 of Ice Cream?

There are thousands of products that are imported from one country to another. Sometimes we don't notice the effort taken to import and export products. However, moving products comes with its own risks- there are hundreds of things that could go wrong on a flight, ship or road. These risks are why companies purchase cargo [...]

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