Incoterms: Ultimate Guide to International Commercial Terms

All business deals begin with a seller and end with a buyer. Some transactions of products/goods are local, but many times they are international. When goods move from an international seller to a buyer, the process is more complex: various responsibilities and rules exist. When a buyer purchases products from an international seller, they [...]

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Difference Between Cargo and Freight Forwarder Insurance

Millions of different cargo are moving daily from one place to another. Cargo can be transported by sea, air or road, depending on the distance and urgency. However, around 80 % of all cargo is estimated to be transported by marine cargo ships. Unfortunately, according to a World Shipping Council (WSC) report, up to 1,382 shipping [...]

CMA CGM to reinforce its cargo service between China and East Africa

CMA CGM has announced the creation of two new cargo services: ASEA Kenya and ASEA Tanzania. They will improve maritime links between East Africa and Asia, from December 2014. These two new services are expected to reduce transit times for cargo to Kenya and Tanzania. Furthermore, the maritime links to Somalia will now be [...]

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