Top Business Lessons to Learn from Famous Brands

We encounter brands in every aspect of our lives, from technology and clothing to food. Brands make up a huge portion of the business world and play a significant role in it. Famous brands are companies that are distinctive and easily recognisable. Each famous brand began as a small business and, over the years, [...]

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The Five Leading Industries In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for various factors, from shopping to modern architecture. One of the key factors that makes Hong Kong stand out in Asia is the business factor. The territory is among the top three best places to start a business in the world. Countless businesses succeed in Hong Kong due to the [...]

Hong Kong Business Risks: What Insurances are Essential?

Hong Kong is considered one of the top cities to start and run a business. It is a highly developed Asian territory known for its vast opportunities and strategic location. Hong Kong is constantly growing and adapting to support the development of its economy, which directly benefits companies operating in the country. Despite facing [...]

Effective Ways to Prevent Business Lawsuits

One of the worst things every company dreads is a lawsuit. A business lawsuit can occur to any business regardless of the size or industry. It is a serious threat that can destroy a company and its future. Lawsuits usually arise due to specific risks associated with the company. These risks can include liability [...]

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How To Successfully Start an E-Commerce Business?

More and more people are transforming into successful entrepreneurs by starting e-commerce businesses. As a result, there are around 12 million - 24 million e-commerce sites worldwide, with new ones being created daily. E-commerce businesses use a simple model where they sell products or services over the Internet. It is one of the best and [...]

Top 5 Insurance for Entrepreneurs to Protect Their Businesses

Daily, some professionals turn a great idea into a business venture. These professionals are commonly known as entrepreneurs. In today's world, anyone can be an entrepreneur as long as they have an idea, adequate finances, a business plan, and a strategic mentality. Successful entrepreneurs are risk-takers, intelligent and hardworking. However, entrepreneurship threats are endless; [...]

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All You Need To Know About Advertisers Liability Insurance

Every company uses some form of advertising to communicate and reach their customers about their product or service. Advertising aims to influence, inform and persuade customers or clients. Advertising can include video adverts, billboards, Google adverts and a range of social media advertisements. When advertising is right, it has many benefits for companies, from [...]

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Difference Between Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a massive part of the digital world. The internet has created countless online opportunities for business and professionals. Every company uses the internet and various digital devices for at least some part of its business process. However, with the benefits come devastating disadvantages and risks. Every business that [...]

Top Insurance for Engineers in Hong Kong

Engineers are essential professionals in Hong Kong with constant structure and technology development. Engineers and engineering firms are responsible for various duties in the industry. The professional's role typically involves inventing, designing and maintaining various structures, machines and virtual systems. An engineer title can include civil engineers, mechanical engineers, space engineers, software engineers and [...]

The Importance of Mandatory Insurance in Hong Kong

Each country has their own set of mandatory insurance to keep individuals and groups safe and protected. Insurance is crucial to help individuals, businesses and the public from damage, loss and more. The government enforces four main mandatory insurance in Hong Kong. Mandatory insurances in Hong Kong are policies that must be legally owned [...]

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