Main Insurance for Suppliers to Cover Their Industry Risks

Creating a product is a long and complex process, as there are many businesses involved in creating one product. The process of creating a product is known as a supply chain process. It is the process of turning raw material into a market product. Companies aim to make the process efficient and financially reasonable. [...]

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Ultimate Risk Management Strategies to Protect Your Business

Over the years, there has been an increase in business risks. Risks are anything that negatively impacts the business, its profit and its future. Risk may differ for each company depending on their industry, location, target market and more. Every business must be aware of its risks and have adequate risk management strategies to [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Crime Insurance

Every business, at some point, will deal with a form of crime that results in financial loss. Unfortunately, there is no way for companies to predict future crimes or even prevent them all. Business crimes can occur in any business, including offices, restaurants, retail shops and even warehouses. No business is safe from all [...]

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Best Strategy to Protect Your Small Business in Hong Kong

Starting a business today has become easier than ever. Small businesses in Hong Kong all begin with a great idea and a detailed business plan. Small businesses, also known as SMEs, can be started from anywhere, a home or an office. In fact, many famous companies have begun at home with a laptop and [...]

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International Insurances: Key Policies for Global Business Success

Every business owner dreams of the day their company goes international. Being an international company opens up multiple doors of opportunities and benefits. Global business success takes a large amount of effort, connections and also risk management. Global business success comes with various international risks that can close those doors immediately. Working with foreign [...]

Top Insurance for Tutors & Tuition Centres in Hong Kong

Tutors are private teachers that commonly help students outside a school organisation. The duties include reviewing the school curriculum, homework, projects, or even teaching new skills. They work with students to help them understand concepts and topics learned in school classrooms. Getting help from a tutor or tuition centre is common in Hong Kong [...]

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Top Insurance for Engineers in Hong Kong

Engineers are essential professionals in Hong Kong with constant structure and technology development. Engineers and engineering firms are responsible for various duties in the industry. The professional's role typically involves inventing, designing and maintaining various structures, machines and virtual systems. An engineer title can include civil engineers, mechanical engineers, space engineers, software engineers and [...]

Top Insurance for Architects in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for its great architecture, with a combination of old traditional and modern structures. Architects and architecture firms are responsible for the beautiful Hong Kong landscape. Architects are professionals that turn a client idea or brief into a realistic building design that is functional, safe and creative. Over time architects supervise [...]

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The Importance of Mandatory Insurance in Hong Kong

Each country has their own set of mandatory insurance to keep individuals and groups safe and protected. Insurance is crucial to help individuals, businesses and the public from damage, loss and more. The government enforces four main mandatory insurance in Hong Kong. Mandatory insurances in Hong Kong are policies that must be legally owned [...]

Top Insurance for Insurance Brokers in Hong Kong

An insurance broker is a professional intermediary between clients (policyholders) and insurance companies. They advise individuals and business clients on the insurance coverage required for specific risks.  Insurance broking companies consist of various insurance brokers who are experts in personal or business insurance. Those agencies and professionals ironically have their own risks and must purchase [...]

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