Asset Insurance – The Best Insurance For Valentine’s Day Gifts

14th of February is almost here, and most of you know what that means. It's time to gift your loved ones. Valentine's day is a day for couples to express affection with greetings and gifts. Most of us don't mind the cost of making a loved one smile and will pay anything for the [...]

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Case Study: How Asset Insurance Has Kept A Passion Alive?

When we lose something expensive, we panic and feel hopeless. It's an awful feeling of knowing that an asset that is valuable to you is gone. This case study focuses on how losing or a stolen watch doesn't cause as much panic with asset insurance. Background of Client Our client is a young adult who [...]

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Why Asset Insurance is Needed to Protect your Belongings?

In Hong Kong, one of the favourite hobbies that everyone enjoys is shopping. We all work hard to spend on ourselves and our families. Shopping in Hong Kong can be costly, as the best quality products usually are the most expensive. May it be a fancy watch, jewellery, art or even a dream camera. [...]

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