Main Insurance for NGOs and Nonprofits in Hong Kong

Most of us do not know about World NGO Day on the 27th of February. It is a day to spread awareness of the importance of NGOs and their crucial role in the world. It is a day to understand the different types of NGOs and nonprofit organisations that help various people, animals and [...]

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Top Benefits of Hiring Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

Many families consist of both partners working, which makes it challenging to balance work, life and family. Domestic helpers are vital to Hong Kong; many families could not live in the city without their helper(s). In fact, over 390,000 domestic helpers in Hong Kong help their employers with their busy lifestyles. Domestic helpers are [...]

Top Insurance For Musicians In Hong Kong

Being a musician in Hong Kong is hard work, from countless hours of practising to the competitive environment. The career is all about talent, handwork and luck, with only a few who can call it their full-time job. Musicians can include anyone who creates or performs music, for instance, DJs, singers, instrumentalists, music bands, and [...]

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Benefits Of Renewing Business Insurance Now

The closer we get to the end of the year, the more policies are expiring and need renewal. It is time to open that insurance file and check if your company needs to renew business insurance(s). Every business has multiple policies that protect them against risks and are the ideal safety net when dealing [...]

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10 Effective Steps to Prevent Hong Kong Apartment Break-Ins

Hong Kong apartments are a vital part of the city to accommodate the large population. The taller the building, the more apartments and residents there are.  Hong Kong is known worldwide to be safe and well-developed, but that doesn't mean crime doesn't exist. In the first half of 2023, there have already been 572 [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Crime Insurance

Every business, at some point, will deal with a form of crime that results in financial loss. Unfortunately, there is no way for companies to predict future crimes or even prevent them all. Business crimes can occur in any business, including offices, restaurants, retail shops and even warehouses. No business is safe from all [...]

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Best Strategy to Protect Your Small Business in Hong Kong

Starting a business today has become easier than ever. Small businesses in Hong Kong all begin with a great idea and a detailed business plan. Small businesses, also known as SMEs, can be started from anywhere, a home or an office. In fact, many famous companies have begun at home with a laptop and [...]

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International Insurances: Key Policies for Global Business Success

Every business owner dreams of the day their company goes international. Being an international company opens up multiple doors of opportunities and benefits. Global business success takes a large amount of effort, connections and risk management. Global business success comes with various international risks that can close those doors immediately. Working with foreign clients, [...]

Top Insurance for Tutors & Tuition Centres in Hong Kong

Tutors are private teachers who commonly help students outside a school organisation. The duties include reviewing the school curriculum, homework, projects, or even teaching new skills. They work with students to help them understand concepts and topics learned in school classrooms. Getting help from a tutor or tuition centre to assist students in reaching [...]

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Owner Corporation Liability Insurance – All You Need To Know

There are thousands of buildings and skyscrapers in Hong Kong that are either used for residential or commercial purposes. Each building is operated by a corporate company that ensures the facility is kept updated and manages the admin side of the building. The building corporation management is liable for several duties regarding the building, [...]

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