Steps To Organise a Marathon Event in Hong Kong

Ready, Steady, Go! The 12th of February is the day of the 2023 Standard Chartered Hong Kong marathon. A day thousands of runners have been training for. There are hundreds of marathons all over Asia, and only one in Hong Kong. Is that enough? The lack of marathons and endurance runs brings a great [...]

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Top 5 Insurances That Will Cover Asia’s Business Risks In 2023

The first quarter of any year is always doubtful and concerning. Every business wants to reach new levels each year and start strong. One month into 2023, many companies have started seriously looking into the possible risks of 2023. As each year brings its own set of risks, disasters, industry crises and more. Business [...]

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What to Revise When Renewing Your Business Insurance?

Typically, business insurance policies cover a company or professional for around one year. Quality insurance is customised specifically for the insurance owner to help avoid risks in their industry. After a successful year, it's time to start renewing your business insurance and analyse what has changed. Every year things change for better or worse, [...]

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All You Need to Know About Medical Malpractice Insurance

The medical industry is full of heroic professionals and is one of the world's most important industries. The medical and healthcare industry has changed the world with new knowledge and advanced treatments. The health care sector continues to rise to new challenges and cure diseases. Advancements in medicine and complex procedures have bought hope [...]

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Top 5 Types of Insurance Frauds and the Consequences

Insurance fraud occurs when someone deliberately lies to gain insurance benefits they are not entitled to. While most insurance claims are real, some fraud claims are submitted to insurers to make easy money. Insurance fraud is a constant struggle for every insurer and insurance company. Unfortunately, some frauds go through undetected and cost the [...]

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Retail Insurance: The Best Solution for SME Retailers

However you shop – we all constantly step into many retailers to purchase food, clothes, technology, or any products. These physical shops, e-commerce or franchises are crucial for any country's economic growth. As retailers are the key connection between manufacturers and customers. They are the final sales point and instrumental to the entire distribution [...]

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The Insurances Needed in The Video Game Industry

We all have played some games, whether on our PlayStations, phones, or computers. Video games are incredibly addictive and take us into a fantasy world for a few hours. Moreover, playing games can improve brain activity (not all) and are fun. Therefore, we should be thanking the video game industry for their intense hard [...]

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10 Travel Tips That Will Make Your Holiday Smooth in 2022

Fingers crossed! Travelling seems to be on its way to becoming normal, like before. Unfortunately, millions of trips and holidays have been ruined in the past few years, especially in Hong Kong. Thankfully, most countries are easing travel restriction-which means you can book that dream vacation and relax on that holiday you deserve. Travelling [...]

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Startup Insurance

Daily, people are creating new companies in the hope of success. These companies aim to change the world with innovative ideas and unique working styles. These companies are well-known as startups. A startup is a new company that has developed a unique business idea, aims to impact immediately, and takes over the market. In [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Yacht Insurance in Hong Kong

Everybody wants a taste of the luxurious life, and some are lucky enough to enjoy it. Luxury is "a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense." People work hard and smart to gain those luxury perks, even if it is just for a  few days. In a city like Hong [...]

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