Why Every School Needs School Liability Insurance Now?

Kindergartens, primary/secondary schools and universities-Teachers and schools can be a big part of a person's thinking, personal growth, and experience. Schooling is a crucial factor in developing critical thinking and building foundation knowledge. Additionally, learning/education is the best path towards a successful and happy life. It gives us a better understanding of life; sometimes, [...]

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Top Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance Now in 2022

As borders and countries slowly start opening worldwide, there is one thing on everyone’s mind- travelling. We all want to either travel back home, plan that dream holiday, or even travel to visit clients. For some, it has been years since they have booked an exciting trip, packed, and stepped onto a flight. Landing [...]

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Wedding Insurance – Hope for The Best, Prepare for The Worst

S The past few years have been disastrous for wedding planning. With weddings getting cancelled, postponed, or couples resorting to court weddings. However, there seems to finally be a light at the end of the tunnel in 2022. Things are getting better, and it’s the perfect year to start planning. It is the year to [...]

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How To Keep Art Safe With Art Gallery Insurance?

Art is subjective; something that may be ugly to one may be beautiful to another. Some art pieces look like just paint splatter but show emotions through the work. Although sometimes 'art' can seem to be absurd- can you believe a banana taped to the wall sold for US $120,000? However, art has no [...]

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Shocking Home Risks- Why you need Home Insurance now in 2022?

At this point, we have either a love-hate relationship with our homes. Homes have become even more important to us in the past few years. With working from home becoming a norm, most of us spend most of our time at home. It is a place we feel safe, creative and loved. Even if you [...]

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Why Do SMEs Need Insurance To Manage Their Risks?

Starting and running a business may be challenging in these tough years, but at the same time is rewarding. The world is full of SMEs ( Small and Medium Enterprises) and is one of the heaviest contributors to economic growth. In a city such as Hong Kong, there are over 340,000 SMEs. They make [...]

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Top 5 Surprising Public Liability Claims Faced by Businesses

Have you ever been so mad at a company for doing something wrong you wanted to sue them? After a few hours, most of us cool off and laugh about the situation. But, not everyone - millions of claims begin with minor accidents and lead to the third party suing the business (public liability [...]

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The Ultimate Guide To Cargo Insurance And Why Businesses Need It?

Millions of products are being imported or exported from one country to another daily. Sometimes we don't even notice a product is imported by a business. For example, companies could import your food, wine, phone, or even clothes. Importing and exporting products is part of the logistics industry, and the products are called cargo. [...]

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Sports Events Insurance- The Beginning To A Successful Sports Event

Two strangers walk into a bar and leave best friends, wonder how? Watching Sports! Sporting events aren't just games! Sports connects people, one of the best ice breakers, and brings a country together. Watching sports events brings various emotions, from happiness to scary anger. Especially international sports events, like the winter Olympics 2022, there [...]

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Asset Insurance – The Best Insurance For Valentine’s Day Gifts

14th of February is almost here, and most of you know what that means. It's time to gift your loved ones. Valentine's day is a day for couples to express affection with greetings and gifts. Most of us don't mind the cost of making a loved one smile and will pay anything for the [...]

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