Top Insurance for Art Festivals in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is constantly getting recognised as a leading art market and creative city. The city is full of art in various corners, from sculptures to beautiful wall paintings. It is more than a concrete jungle that is advertised. Art and culture have always been a big part of Hong Kong, inspiring thousands of [...]

Top 5 Famous Art Disasters: Could Insurance Cover Them?

Artistic works, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, and music, can successfully communicate the emotions and messages of the artist through the piece. The art market has operated for thousands of years, and it includes numerous famous artists and artworks. Each artwork, whether from the past or present, has a unique story to tell about [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Art Exhibition Insurance

Art exhibitions and shows are admired worldwide by art enthusiasts and the general public. March is a big month for art in Hong Kong with the return of Art Central and Art Basel exhibitions. An art exhibition is a space where art meets an audience. Exhibitions bring art, artists and aesthetes from around the [...]

How To Keep Art Safe With Art Gallery Insurance?

Art is subjective; something that may be ugly to one may be beautiful to another. Some art pieces look like paint splatter but show emotions through the work. Although sometimes 'art' can seem absurd, can you believe a banana taped to the wall sold for US $120,000? However, art has no limits, and 'some' [...]

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Why Asset Insurance is Needed to Protect your Belongings?

In Hong Kong, one of the favourite hobbies that everyone enjoys is shopping. We all work hard to spend on ourselves and our families. Shopping in Hong Kong can be costly, as the best quality products usually are the most expensive. May it be a fancy watch, jewellery, art or even a dream camera. [...]

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