ChatGPT Risks That Could Affect Businesses Worldwide

We are at a stage of time where technology is turning into what we are used to seeing in movies. One of the technologies is fully functional artificial intelligence (AI). Different software are quickly integrating AI to follow human instructions and provide desired outcomes. A recently released AI movement is ChatGPT, which everyone is [...]

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AI Attacks – The Most Powerful Cyber Threat

Every company in this modern environment shares one common concern: cyber-attacks. The concern reduces when companies have cyber security to avoid cyber risks. Cyber security should be one of the first things to invest in when starting your business online. Cyber-attacks can spring out of nowhere for various reasons; you don't have to be [...]

2024-01-26T16:17:25+08:00May 11th, 2022|Categories: Business Insurance|Tags: , , |

Deepfakes- Are You Ready for an AI Cyber-Attack?

Internet and technology make it easier for businesses to develop and reach a larger range of their target market. The internet has truly become the backbone of business in the 21st century and is almost impossible to ignore. Although, as technology develops, so do cyber risks such as AI cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks are getting more innovative [...]

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