Spooksafe Insurance

As the spooky season creeps around this weekend- it’s time to get ready for the paranormal creatures that may join. Vampires, werewolves, demons and ghosts may be around every corner. So get your garlic, wooden steak, and holly water ready… but also get your insurance ready!

Clearly, we are joking about these paranormal creatures (hopefully), but weirdly paranormal insurance is actually a real thing. Yup, you read that right! There is an insurance called paranormal insurance or spooksafe insurance.

Many people insure the strangest things, like –Kim Kardashian insuring her bum. But nothing can be weirder than paranormal or Spooksafe insurance. So, read on about spooksafe insurance for a laugh and never know, you may realise you need it.

What is Spooksafe Insurance?

Have you ever fallen off your bed cause you felt someone pull you? Or wondered how that costly vase fell from the table – was it a  ghost?

Spooksafe insurance will cover any sudden harmful incidents caused due to paranormal or supernatural activities. So, don’t worry about the cost of that crystal vase; say a ghost pushed it, and spooksafe insurance will have your back! 

Wonder what the insurance covers?

Creepy Spooksafe Insurance Covers?

Death By A Paranormal Or Supernatural Activity

Death is a serious and sad moment that shouldn’t be joked about. However, in this case, it’s hard not to. Spooksafe insurance will cover if your loved ones have passed due to paranormal activities. 

When you have spooksafe insurance, you don’t even need life insurance. We imagine the insurance providers have expert ghostbusters who prove the death was due to paranormal activities and then reported to the insurance company.

Well, this is actually true as ​​a $100,000 claim was paid out after a woman was thrown over the balcony in the US – sadly, resulting in her death. After investigating, “Ultraviolet underwriters (expert spooksafe insurance providers)” determined that her death was caused by a poltergeist attack and paid up.

Injury By A Paranormal Or Supernatural Activity

The insurance will also cover if the insured is injured due to a ghost vampire, werewolf or even a demon. For example, if you break your arm when pulled off the bed or hurt your leg when running away from those bloodthirsty vampires. 

Spooksafe insurance will pay for your medical bills, just like health insurance- but the injury has to be caused by paranormal or supernatural activities. Perfect insurance for vampire hunters and ghostbusters – cause these injuries can be costly (especially when there is almost no income to the job).

Property Damage By A Paranormal Or Supernatural Activity

Ever seen things flying around your house? Or objects flying into your house?- These are everyday paranormal activities when a home is haunted ( at least that’s what they show us in movies). Demons and ghosts have no respect for expensive assets.

Hence spooksafe insurance covers property damage and the cost of repair and replacement. The insurance is a must to deal with a haunted house to protect your favourite chandelier and replace windows when evil crows fly into them. 

We wonder if the insurance will cover the cost of moving out and finding a safer home.

Attack by a Vampire or Werewolf 

How annoying is it when you get bitten by a vampire or werewolf? Suddenly, overnight, you become one! -With Spooksafe insurance, things may be easier as they cover such incidents and attacks. However, we have no idea how insurance can cover an incident like this or how it can even occur.

It is a question only accidentally turned vampires and werewolves must know. The insurance may be the key to their problems. Hopefully, the insurance can turn them back into humans or stop them from turning more people.

Haunting Conclusion

Haunting Conclusion

 At this point, you have understood that we do not provide this insurance.  this article is for entertainment purposes. Although for the believers who may now have a deep interest in this spooksafe insurance, you may want to continue your research and invest in the insurance from unique providers.

We hope everyone has a great Halloween and will not need this insurance ever during the spooky season.

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