What is Golf Insurance?

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Golf is a popular sport in Hong Kong, with multiple golf courses despite the limited space. Anyone who has played the sport knows the fear of hitting someone/something or damaging and losing expensive gear.

Golf insurance is a policy designed to cover risks associated with playing golf. The insurance allows golfers to reduce unpredictable incident stress and lets them focus on their swing.

The insurance can cover you while playing or practising locally or abroad with beneficial worldwide coverage.

What is covered?

Golf insurance benefits golfers with the following coverage:

  • Public liability: The policy will cover incidents when that huge swing sends the ball towards someone or something, causing injuries or property damage. The insurance will cover medical, repair and compensation costs related to third-party claims.
  • Golfing Equipment: Insures understand high-quality golf equipment is expensive. The insurance will cover if equipment is damaged, lost or stolen during transit or at a golf club.
  • Personal Accident: while playing golf, injuries may occur, leading to expensive medical bills. Golf insurance will cover the financial costs of any injury from playing or practising golf.
  • Hole-in-one: The purpose of golf is to get a hole-in-one, and when you do, it can get expensive to celebrate with our course friends and club members. Golf insurance wants you to win and celebrate, as it will cover the cost of the celebration (with limits).

What should you know?

It is essential to understand golf insurance will only cover policyholders under the age of 65 and above 18.

The insurance will not cover any injuries that existed before the policy was bought and were not due to golf. Golf insurance will also not cover the loss of equipment due to the owner’s negligence, such as theft from an unattended vehicle or damage due to wear and tear.

Additionally, before you pop the hole-in-one champagne, get a signed statement from the golf club to claim the prize cover. Insurance companies may deny claims without a letter, and you will have to pay for everything from your pocket.



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