Owning a Pet in Hong Kong

Many families invite pets into their homes during Christmas. Getting a pet during the holidays makes the festive season even more magical and a blessing. It is the cutest sight to see a kitten or puppy pop its head out of a box. Although they are not like any other gift. Owning a pet in Hong Kong involves tremendous responsibility and countless duties. 

It’s great to welcome a new furry family member, but are you and your family ready? It is a Christmas gift to think about a few times before making a life-changing decision. Thankfully, these tips on owning a pet in Hong Kong will help you decide whether you are ready this Christmas.

So read every tip – you may either rush to get a new pet or slow down and try next year.

Tips on Owning a Pet in Hong Kong

1. Is Your Home and Area Pet Friendly?

There are a few questions you must ask yourself before owning a pet in Hong Kong – a cat or a dog. Can you have a pet at your home or area (regulations)? Do you have enough space? 

An average Hong Kong home is known to be smaller than most homes worldwide, and some landlords/buildings do not allow pets in the area. Therefore, as a possible pet owner, you must check and analyse all these situations before giving hope to your family or yourself.

Additionally, house size and location may also influence what kind of pet you can consider. For example, cats may not need as much space and walks. On the other hand, dogs will need more space (depending on breed) and parks in the area for exercise/walks.

2. Research The Dog or Cat’s Needs

As you make the life-changing decision, you must conduct proper research. Pets can be complicated; they are not as easy as movies make them seem. Each breed has different personalities, sizes, and needs. 

pet research

For example, if you know your family is always busy and does not have much time to walk and go to parks – a cat or a smaller dog may be a better choice. Researching can get you more ready and help you understand what breed, animal and purchases you may need. 

Owning a pet in Hong Kong is not temporary; this furry member will hopefully be with you for at least ten years and more. So, you want to be able to provide whatever they need to be happy and healthy.

3. Adopting Is Better

Before owning a pet in Hong Kong, you must consider whether you will adopt or buy. There are many reasons why people believe adopting is better than buying. Adopting allows you to help an animal in need, it will be much less costly, and the shelters will help you along the way.

The shelters will already have chipped, neutered, and possibly trained the pet. In addition, they will provide you with expert advice and connections, such as the best vets in your area. 

However, with adopting, you may not have a pure breed, and if you decide to buy, you should select the most humane breeders.

4. Prepare Before You Bring Them Home

If you have reached this stage, you have made the amazing decision and will soon bring the cutest gift and family member home. Owning a pet is an excellent test of how organised you think you are and how much more organised you must be.

Pets at home

You will need to ensure you have purchased bowls, food, their bed, crate and more – even before you bought them home. They need to adapt to your home as soon as possible, and it is your responsibility to make that process easier.

5. Don’t Leave Them Home Too Long

Now they are home and have already started chewing on things and peeing everywhere. At this point, they will be craving your attention, especially puppies and kittens. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as pet leave, and you will need to go back to work and your kids to school.

However, there should be some plan to make sure they are not left alone for too long. The actions could be hiring a helper or asking to work from home more often till they fully adapt to the house. 

Young pets feel anxiety when left home for too long, which can ruin their relationship with you and begin bad behaviour. It is also not safe for them.

6. Provide Them with Healthy Food & Water

When owning a pet in Hong Kong, you must provide them with the healthiest food and filtered water. Like any living thing, food and water are crucial, and cats and dogs need the best. Young pets need the most nutrition from their food to assist with their growth.

Treat your pets the way you would treat your kids; you wouldn’t feed just anything to your kids, and pets are the same. Remember from your research, what they can eat and cannot. You and your family must not feed human food to pets; even if they beg, it could be extremely poisonous. 

Ask your vets for food advice and what brands suit your dog or cat.

7. Train And Exercise 

Kittens and puppies can be hard work in the first few months. Your pet may not know where their toilet is, and every piece of furniture may be their chew toy. It is time to train them and take them out for exercise.

Pet training

Training and exercise can help your cat or dog be healthy, learn about routine and house rules. Over time, they will know what they can’t bite, where to pee, and to save their energy for walks. You could even teach your dog some cool tricks, although don’t expect too many tricks from your cat.

8. Update Vaccinations and Regular Vet Visits 

Pets need a range of vaccinations to keep them healthy and safe from harmful diseases. When owning a pet in Hong Kong, you are responsible for checking vaccination dates and frequently taking your pet to the vet for check-ups. 

You want your pet to be in the best condition and away from harm. Hence you must keep a detailed schedule and reminders just for your pet’s vaccinations. It is best to build a strong relationship with the nearest local vet; you don’t want to travel hours when your pet is ill or injured.

9. Purchase Pet Insurance

Owning Pet insurance

As soon as your pet is older than three months, they can be insured under pet insurance. Pet insurance may be one of the best things you can do for your pet and yourself.

The Insurance will help protect your pet at every stage of its life and ease your concern about potential hefty vet bills.

Pet insurance reimburses vet bills when pets are unwell from minor injuries or serious chronic illnesses. The insurance will cover illness recovery, injury recovery, vet consultation, medication, surgery costs and third-party liability.

You don’t have to worry about vet bills; just focus on your pet getting the best treatment and recovering. It’s best to get pet insurance from a young age, and it is not expensive at all.

10. Give Them as Much Love as You Can

Owning a pet in Hong Kong is fantastic, and more and more people are giving these furry friends a home. Those puppy dog eyes and purring cuddles can melt your heart, even when they get annoying or have been naughty. All they want is love from you and your family.

Hence, our final tip is to do whatever you can to give them the love they deserve. Even the worst days will be bearable cause you know this cute family member will be waiting for you at home.

So are you going to get a pet this Christmas?


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