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Millions of parents will be sending their children overseas to study this August and September.

When your child gets their acceptance letter from an overseas university, it gives an excellent feeling of pride, happiness, and then stress. Planning and thinking of your child living alone, far away, is not easy.

There are thousands of worrying thoughts that parents go through – What if they hurt themselves? What if they fall ill? How will they manage to travel alone? – and more. 

Even if first-year university students are considered adults, many have never lived alone or independently cared for themselves. All these worries are reasonable and common for every parent sending their child to a new continent.

However, at the end of the day, nothing can be predicted or controlled. The most a parent can do is search for the best protection plan that will cover overseas student risks.

The best policy a parent or guardian can purchase is overseas student insurance. The article will explain the overseas student insurance cover and why every student studying abroad needs it.

What Does Overseas Student Insurance Cover?

Medical Cover

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Injuries and sickness are major concerns when a student is far away from family. They could occur anytime because of slip and fall accidents, road accidents, kitchen disasters, weather, food poisoning, etc.

The student must be rushed to the hospital for treatment or surgery when the situation is severe. However, medical costs can be extremely high for a parent not earning in the overseas currency.

As a parent, you want your child to get the best treatment and recover as soon as possible without worrying about costs. Thankfully, overseas student insurance covers most medical emergencies, such as injuries and sickness during the study period in the foreign country. The insurance will cover the hospitalisation, treatment and recovery costs.

Overseas student insurance will also compensate if an injury or illness leads to permanent disability. However, the insurance will not cover pre-existing medical conditions, injuries, or diseases in the student’s home country.

Emergency Family Visit – (Compassionate Visits)

When an international student is hospitalised overseas, parents stress every second. It can be a scary situation for both students and parents due to the distance. A parent would want to try their best to get there and care for their child.

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However, even one parent travelling and staying overseas can be expensive. Most parents will do what they can, which may include draining their savings and spending too much.

Parents should not have to worry about their children and sacrifice their savings to visit their hospitalised child. If hospitalised for longer than five days, overseas student insurance will cover the cost of one parent or guardian visiting the overseas student. The insurance will cover travel costs and accommodation costs. 

However, the insurance will not cover the cost of food and drinks during the compassionate visit.

Study Interruption Loss

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When a student is under hospital care for an extended period, one must focus on their recovery. However, there is a concern about missing out on overseas education. Unfortunately, the university will not wait and may require the student to re-attend the whole year.

Starting again or missing class may mean additional costs or lost costs (if a disability forces a student to leave or take a break). The re-attending or forfeited costs can be a considerable amount that the university may not excuse or return. The costs can lead to a substantial financial loss and budget disturbance for a parent. Especially when parents have to pay back a student loan.

Overseas student insurance will cover re-attending fees required to pay to re-attend the missing courses after their recovery. The policy will also cover the portion of forfeited tuition of the interrupted semester due to permanent disability and incapacity to continue the study. Overseas study interruption is always stressful, but overseas student insurance drastically reduces the stress.

Personal Property Protection 

Students are liable for all their property, from expensive laptops and phones to course-related equipment. Parents invest a lot to help their children purchase these important university assets.

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Theft, loss, or damage to students’ belongings is always possible. Students often struggle financially and may not have the funds to replace or repair their property. This could also create a financial burden for parents and guardians, especially when dealing with expensive personal items.

Fortunately, overseas student insurance has personal property coverage. The policy will cover the cost of repair and replacement due to damage, loss or theft of personal property, including travel documents. However, when submitting a claim for loss or theft, students must submit a police report.

Even with the best care, property damage and loss can occur and surprise students.

Travel Delay Cover

When students study overseas, they travel alone from home to university and university to home. Over time, travelling alone becomes more comfortable; however, with travel comes travel risks.

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When travelling, there are risks such as flight delays or baggage delays. Dealing with these travel risks as a student can be more complicated due to the associated costs. For example, if bags containing essential items for a student are delayed, they may need to spend money out of their budget to repurchase them.

Overseas student insurance understands these risks and the concerns of an overseas student. The insurance will provide specific funds to help deal with the situation, depending on the hours of delay. Students can use the funds to purchase essentials or to re-plan the trip.

It is essential to understand that overseas insurance travel coverage does not provide the same coverage and limits as travel insurance. Students may still need annual travel insurance to cover flight cancellations and have a larger limit.

Why Overseas Student Insurance Is Vital for Every Student

Several risks can affect overseas students and leave the parents worrying. Overseas student insurance is one of the only ways to help deal with the costs associated with these risks.

The financial coverage of the various risks is essential to help deal with unpredictable injury, illness, damage or loss. Risks can lead to hefty bills, and the costs should never be what prevents the proper treatment or necessary repair. The cover supports students and parents in focusing on what matters and moving on from the unfortunate situation. 

Overseas student insurance also provides the policyholders with a 24/7 hotline. Students or even parents can use the hotline for emergency medical advice, clinic/hospital locations, travel assistance or claims instructions. 

Most importantly, when students are covered by overseas student insurance, parents can worry less about their child living independently abroad. They have peace of mind knowing the child is protected if things go wrong.

Parents should ensure that the student is informed about overseas student insurance and remind them that they are covered during their study period.



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