Motivate Your Employees HK 2023

Holiday blues hit hard this time of the year. You and your employees have just come back from an amazing holiday, and now it’s time to get back to reality. Returning to work after a long break is complicated and, in some cases, sad. Although work is important, it’s time to motivate your employees to hit those 2023 goals.

As a manager or CEO, it is your duty to motivate your employees and get them back on track. Motivating your employees in different ways will help your staff and the business. You can’t just expect everyone to get back to their usual level of work instantly- you have hired humans, not robots.

You can do a few small things to motivate your employees and make them feel important this time of the business year. The article will explain five things you can do to increase employee motivation, morale and overall company relationships after the holidays.

How To Motivate Your Employees After The Holidays?

Welcome-Back Gifts

employee-business motivation gifts Hong Kong

The first day back can be hard, especially after a long holiday. However, returning to their desk to find a welcome-back gift can completely change their mood in seconds. The gift can start their day with a positive attitude, which they will take on for the rest of their day.

The gift is a small gesture to remind each employee they are cared for and their work matters. It is a great way to motivate your employees positively and leads to a better work environment. Eventually, all these small gestures result in productive work and great results.

Just make sure the gift is something useful to the employees or even something that may make them laugh.

Informal Team Meeting

Most meetings require attention and willingness to soak in information, which you may not get from your employees in the first week. So why not make the first meeting of the week a fun and relaxed one? 

Order some snacks into the office, and instead of a typical formal meeting, discuss what everyone did during the holidays. The informal meeting will increase relationships, and employees may feel more relaxed after. In addition, through this meeting, you can slowly motivate your employees to transition from holiday mode to office mode.

The meeting doesn’t have to be in the office; it could be a company lunch or even drinks/outings after the first day back.

Relate New Goals With Rewards

Employee HK, 2023 goals

The first week can’t be all fun and games; you will need to, at some point, set goals for the year. However, setting goals in 2023 doesn’t have to be all about the company, and the hard work employees must put in. 

You can link goals with rewards, motivating your employees to reach them. Ensure there is a mix of short- and long-term goals, as employees may ignore rewards they may get at the end of the year.

Additionally, remind employees to set their personal work goals. Setting their own goals will make them feel less like a task and more like a quest.

Renew Employee Compensation And Health Insurance

Insurance is a different style to motivate your employees in 2023. You must ensure your employees are protected while working for you. The protection can be in the form of insurance, such as employee compensation and health insurance.

Employees feel cared for and important when they know you have renewed their insurance in the new year. The combination of the two insurance is a way of telling an employee that no matter what happens at work or in their life, the business will support them.

Take it Easy

motivate your employees- coffee breaks, working long hours Hong Kong

As a successful leader and understanding manager; you must recognise the first week may be less productive. To motivate your employees, you must remind them that it is okay to take more breaks if they feel low or unproductive.

These breaks may increase their productivity – as a clearer mind creates better work than a scrambled brain. It is essential to communicate with your employees and tell them it’s okay to take it easy the first few days. 

However, keep an eye on employees who are taking it too easy. At the end of the day, it is a workplace.

Why Is It Important To Motivate Your Employees?

It is crucial to motivate your employees all year round and especially after the holiday. Employees are a vital factor to the business, and how they feel in the company matters. Employees should feel appreciated in the workplace and get back into a working mood naturally.

Motivating your employees has many benefits, from increased productivity and income to increased employee morale and retention. Very few employees love their job more than the holidays, and you must accept that as an employer. 

Use these simple tips to motivate your employees after the holidays and have a great start to the new year.


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