Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Hong Kong

An engagement ring is something most women cherish their whole life. It is one of the most special jewellery – as it represents you and your partner’s commitment. Traditionally engagement rings include a costly shiny diamond held by a gold or silver ring band. However, what if, one day, the diamond is lost?

A lost diamond from an engagement ring is unfortunately common and devastating. Shock, stress, anxiety, and pure sadness follow the incident. Sadly, these accidents happen, and it is something you shouldn’t be ashamed of.

Replacing a diamond can be extremely costly, but it must be done. Asset insurance is a perfect solution for such accidents. The case study will prove that every engagement ring should be insured by asset insurance in case of a lost diamond situation.

Client Problem – Lost Diamond on Engagement Ring

Our client is a young, newly engaged couple in Hong Kong. The proposal involved a 2-carat diamond on an 18-karat gold engagement ring. However, two weeks after the proposal, the fiancée was getting back from an afternoon event and noticed her diamond was missing

The diamond must have fallen off either on the way to the event, during the event or on the way back. This could happen to anyone at any point, even years into the marriage. 

Lost diamond HK

She instantly, in shock, informed her partner, who called the event venue and retraced their steps. Unfortunately, the fiancée did not know when she lost it and when it was the last time she remembered seeing it.

The lost diamond caused a lot of stress and grief for the bride-to-be. They knew replacing the diamond would cost them a great deal, especially in Hong Kong. They spent hours thinking and searching – till they recalled the fiancé had insured the ring when he bought it.

How Asset Insurance Covers Lost Diamonds and Engagement Ring Repair?

Thankfully, couples can purchase asset insurance (jewellery insurance) to cover all jewellery, including parts. Therefore, a lost diamond will be covered with the right documents (diamond licence and receipt). The insurance will reimburse the cost of replacement and additional fixture fees.

The insurance will also cover if the full engagement ring is lost or even damaged. However, policyholders need to provide police reports and appropriate proof. As there is always a chance of fraud claims. 

Hence with asset insurance, the couple got the same quality new diamond fitted to the current ring.

The insurance provided the following costs:

  • Lost Diamond: HKD 21,000
  • Fixture costs: HKD 3,000

Total costs reimbursed: HKD 24,000

The repayment cost helped the couple move on from the crisis. We are sure the fiancée will be a bit too careful and keep checking her engagement ring condition for the next few months. However, these disasters could happen to anyone and any jewellery asset. 

In addition, if one finds the lost diamond after the claim is complete, one must inform the insurance company (immediately!). Not telling the insurance company will be counted as insurance fraud and is a criminal offence, which can lead to jail time.

What Else Does Asset Insurance Provide?

Asset insurance has many benefits and purposes and can be bought for any valuable asset. For example, many clients purchase the insurance for their cameras, luxury watches, art, or even antique collections.

The insurance will cover assets if they have been damaged, lost or stolen. Additionally, the insurance can also provide expert connections to the policyholder. For instance, in this case, the insurance could connect the couple to an expert professional that replaces lost diamonds and helps fix them.

The insurance can also provide free expert appraisal, which should be done every few years (three-five years) to get the accurate value of an asset. Before making a claim, policyholders just need to be sure the asset is actually lost and have tried their best to find it.

Final Conclusion

A lost diamond from an engagement ring can be devastating and may seem like the end of the world. Although, it can occur to anyone and anywhere, it can happen when you’re washing your hands, at an event, travelling, exercising, and so much more. 

engagement ring finger - engagement diamond ring

Many fear wearing their ring often in case something happens to it, which is saddening – you should be enjoying and showing it off every moment. Asset insurance allows this.

You do not need to fear wearing your engagement ring or any other jewellery when it is insured. The insurance provides peace of mind when enjoying the beautiful jewellery. At the same time, this doesn’t mean you can be careless, but it will be covered if something happens.

With asset insurance, a lost diamond can be resolved efficiently and quickly so couples can live happily ever after.

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