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Some athletes travel worldwide to compete in marathons, biathlons and even triathlons. One of the most popular and challenging races is the Ironman. The Hawaii Ironman event is the toughest triathlon, and every year is filled with impressive athletes that have been training for years.

A full Ironman course consists of a 3.9km swim, a 180km bike ride, and a 42.2km marathon run. The Ironman triathlon distance itself scares off many; it’s not a race for the weak. However, many compete, and some, sadly, suffer an injury during the race.

Ironman injuries are very common but can result in expensive medical bills in Hawaii. Can you purchase an insurance to cover a possible iron man injury?

The article will explain how personal accident insurance covered a Hong Kong athlete’s Kona Ironman injury.

Client Background – Ironman Athlete

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Our client is an athlete who has run many Hong Kong and Asia marathons. He had decided to test his limits and registered for the Ironman. He trained for over a year to ensure he was in the right shape for the triathlon in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

When participating in sports events in a different country comes with many risks. These risks include travel risks, medical risks and logistic risks. One of the biggest fears of any athlete is an Ironman injury and the medical expense that follows.

The pain of being injured and not finishing the event is hard enough; athletes should not have to worry about the expense of their injury

Client Problem – Ironman Injury

Our client had made it to Hawaii and had begun the Ironman. All three parts of the triathlons are full of risks and could cause an Ironman injury to any athlete. The client had completed the swimming section and was halfway through the biking section, where the injury occurred.

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Halfway through the biking trail, his bike slipped, and he fell awkwardly on his ankle. He instantly knew something was wrong, as when he tried to move; he felt tormenting pain around his left ankle.

The event organisers took him to the local hospital, where he needed surgery as his tendon (ligament) around the ankle had ripped. The surgery had to be done instantly to reduce the chances of worsening and causing future permanent damage.

After the surgery and two days in the hospital, the medical expense added up to around 25,000 USD (HKD 196,196). The bill shocked him more than his injury, as his medical insurance did not cover international injuries.

How Personal Accident Insurance Covered the Ironman Injury?

Fortunately, The Hong Kong athlete had purchased a specific personal accident insurance dedicated to triathlon risks. Personal accident insurance provides complete cover against surprising accidents causing bodily injury, permanent partial disability or permanent total disability. In addition, the insurance will pay for medical expenses worldwide and compensation costs in case of disability.

The insurance can be customised and altered for sports events such as the Ironman. However, the insurance will only cover physical accidents and will not cover any illnesses. Hence his tailored personal accident insurance did cover the Ironman injury and paid for the surgery and hospital costs.

The insurance covered the following costs for the policyholder:

  • Ironman injury (Ankle Surgery): USD 20,000 (HKD 156,957)
  • Hospital stay: USD 3,000 (HKD 23,543)

Total Costs:  USD 23,000 (HKD 180,500)


An Ironman injury could occur at any point during the triathlon or even during training. In conclusion, the modified personal accident insurance policy was perfect for such risks. An average personal accident insurance will cover most common accidents during the policy period.

Many prefer a personal accident insurance policy over medical insurance due to its costs and international coverage. Additionally, the insurance is more attractive when one knows the risks may be high during a certain period.

The cover can save a policyholder a significant amount due to its medical cover. Businesses can even buy the accident insurance to cover their volunteers, part-time staff or employees during work travel trips.

It is crucial to remember that not all personal accident insurance policies will cover competing sports events, and you may need a specific extension.

Although the policy is still perfect insurance for adventure sports and risky sports, that may not be covered by medical insurance. Just make sure you communicate the reason for the policy with the insurance provider.

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