Insurance for Tutors,  tuition centres in Hong Kong

Tutors are private teachers who commonly help students outside a school organisation. The duties include reviewing the school curriculum, homework, projects, or even teaching new skills. They work with students to help them understand concepts and topics learned in school classrooms. Getting help from a tutor or tuition centre to assist students in reaching high levels of education is common in Hong Kong.

Tutors and tuition centres in Hong Kong have risks like any other teacher or school. Several risks could put the profession or business in liability danger. These situations can lead to lawsuits and liability claims against private tutors and the tuition business.

Hence, each tutor and tuition centre in Hong Kong needs insurance to protect their liability and business. The article will highlight the top insurance for tutors and tuition centres in Hong Kong.

Insurance For Tutors and Tuition Centres in Hong Kong

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Tutors and tuition centres have duties to their students and parents to provide the best service. The duties are much more than just teaching; some additional responsibilities include keeping them safe, adequate supervision and understanding student/parent’s needs.

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Parents expect tutors to care for their children and improve their skills with the time paid for. However, there are situations where things don’t go as planned, and tutors are entirely blamed. Parents can sue tutors if they feel negligence has somehow caused their child harm or the promised service is not being provided.

For example, if a student is injured during a study session, parents will sue the tutor or tuition centre business for negligence. They may legally make allegations that tutor supervision negligence caused their child harm, which could have been avoided.

Professional indemnity insurance for tutors is crucial to cover liability claims. The insurance will cover the costs of the claims due to the tutor’s negligence. Therefore, the policy will cover legal, compensation and settlement costs. 

Every tutor needs this liability insurance before teaching students and providing any service.

Public Liability Insurance

Private tutors in Hong Kong provide services at either their home, the student’s home or a tuition centre. When providing services in any home or centre, there are public liability risks that follow.

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The tutor or tuition centre will be held liable for any third-party accidents at their premises or due to business activity. The accidents can include injuries such as slips and falls on premises to property damage to students’ homes. The affected third party may take legal actions against the professional and business for damage.

Public liability insurance for tutors and tuition centres in Hong Kong is vital. The insurance will cover claims due to third-party injury or property damage caused by the policyholder’s activities. It is an essential insurance as public liability accidents can occur anytime and lead to expensive lawsuits. 

Public liability insurance is even more crucial for tuition centres as they have higher chances of third-party accidents.

Cyber Insurance

Tutors and tuition centres typically store most of their data electronically and take online forms of payments. Online tutoring has also become a common form of teaching; hence, the Internet plays a big part in private tutoring and tuition business activities.

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Parents expect their and child’s data to be private and safe with trusted professionals. However, due to cyber criminals, no data online or on electronic servers is entirely secure. Cybercriminals may attack tutors and tuition centres to access private data, finances and information about students/parents.

In fact, according to Microsoft, the education industry is globally the most vulnerable to cyber threats, with more than 6.8 million attacks reported in early 2022. One data breach, malware or ransomware, can result in financial loss and reputation damage.

Cyber insurance for tutors and tuition centres can help deal with even the worst cyber-attacks. Some cyber-attacks may be unavoidable, even with cyber security softwares. The insurance will cover cyber experts’ advice, threat removal, data recovery, informing third parties and financial loss. Cyber insurance and a high-quality cyber security plan are the best cyber defence strategy.

Employee Compensation Insurance

Tuition centres in Hong Kong consist of employees, typically all professionals in different subjects. The common tutor employees include primary school tutors, GCSE tutors, and IB tutors

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Tuition centre businesses are liable for the safety of their employees while they are working and providing the service. There is always a chance tutor employees may be injured while working for the company.

The injury could be a simple slip and fall or a major accident due to the kids. Not all kids are angels, and some kids may harm their tutor by tripping or hurting them somehow. The company must pay for medical and compensation costs due to a work injury.

Employee compensation insurance for tuition centres with employees is mandatory in Hong Kong. Every business needs the insurance when hiring even one employee. The insurance will cover the costs related to most work injuries. The costs include medical, recovery salary and possible compensation expenses. High-quality employee compensation can significantly benefit employers and employees in Hong Kong.

Benefits Of Insurance for Tutors & Tuition Centres in Hong Kong

As a tutor or tuition centre owner in Hong Kong, providing the best education service to students is your top priority.

Even if you are a private tutor with a handful of students or a company with hundreds of students, both share common risks that can unpredictably occur.

The main benefit to private tutors and businesses is the financial cover when faced with risks. Every liability claim, cyber-attack or work injury can lead to financial loss and large expenditures

The additional benefit is the peace of mind of having a safety net when faced with unforeseen risks. Having the range of insurance that covers most risks helps tutors and tuition centres focus on their jobs rather than claims that occur.

Insurance for tutors and tuition centres in Hong Kong is vital to protect educating experts and the business from most risks.


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