Summer Holiday- travel insurance

Summer is knowns as one of the best times to travel. It’s more than halfway through the year, and time to take a break. There is always something appealing about a summer holiday travel and a warm getaway. The holidays could be with family, friends or even a great solo trip.

We all need moments where we just cut off from work, home and responsibilities. However, before you shut down that overworking brain and get on the flight, you must do a few things for a stress-free holiday.

Before heading out for your summer holiday, you will need to ensure your home, belongings, employees and loved ones are protected. It may sound worrying, but the best solution is insurance

There are some personal insurances that may be a must before leaving for holidays. Hence the article will highlight the top 5 summer holiday insurance policies perfect for a risk-free vacation.

 The Insurance for Your Risk-Free Summer Holiday

Home Insurance

Regardless of how amazing travelling is, there is a point it has to end, and you will return home. There is a long list of activities one must do when leaving their home for a week or more. These tasks ensure the home is safe while you are gone, and less chance of most home disasters.

hk holiday - home insurance

Unfortunately, some disasters can’t be predicted or are due to accidents. The accidents could include a typhoon shattering the window or an electronic accidently left on, causing a fire. These situations can destroy the home when there is no one at home.

You can’t spend your holiday worrying about such possible damages as they are unpredictable. However, you can purchase home insurance or renew/update your current insurance. Home insurance will cover the home and belongings from damage or loss due to unforeseen reasons. 

Even if you rent your home, you need home insurance to cover your belongings. The insurance is the guarantee that your home and belongings are covered for whatever goes wrong while you are on your summer holiday.

Travel Insurance

Most of us use our annual leave during summer to get away and travel to a new country and experience something different. It could be a family holiday to solo trip with the agenda to have fun and take a break.

summer holiday activities - Travel Insurance Hong Kong -Family Trip

As great travelling is, there are risks. Almost all experienced travellers have at least once faced a travel risk that almost ruins the trip. Travel risks could be sudden cancellations, lost baggage, medical emergencies, or sudden accidents abroad. When facing such risks, one may feel hapless and lost. In addition, these risks can also result in a large amount of financial loss.

Thankfully, travel insurance can resolve and lower the mental anxiety and financial loss of travel risk. Travel insurance will cover the financial impact of travel risks and provide a 24/7 travel help hotline. The insurance will cover the costs of non-refundable cancellations, medical emergencies and lost belongings. It is a summer holiday insurance that is a must for any trip.

Domestic Helper Insurance

Many families and individuals in Hong Kong leave their helpers responsible for their homes during the summer holidays. Employers (families) trust their domestic helpers to care for their home, the senior adults or pets.

domestic helper insurance Hong Kong - summer holiday

When leaving the helper alone, there is always a risk that they may be injured while performing her duty. For example, a helper may climb on a ladder to clean, and she may fall and break her leg without anyone to help hold the ladder. These risks are unpredictable, and the chance of risks may be higher without you being home.

To help deal with these work injury risks, employers must ensure they have domestic helper insurance or inform the helper about the current policy before leaving. Domestic helper insurance provides the helper with the necessary accidental and medical protection.  

The insurance can benefit your helper to get the medical aid they need without stressing about the financial impact, even if you are on holiday.

Personal Accident Insurance

Numerous travellers love adventure during their summer holiday, which includes water sports, hikes and many more risky activities. Adventure summer holidays are excellent for adrenaline chasers and are an amazing way to forget work worries.

personal accident insurance - adventure vacation Asia

Although the adventure holidays are full of risk and possible injuries. When injured due to adventure sports, medical attention is needed urgently and can be costly. However, it is essential to understand travel insurance will not cover medical costs due to high-risk sports/activities.

The best solution to cover adventure holiday risks is personal accident insurance. Personal accident insurance will cover the cost of medical emergencies worldwide due to surprising accidents. However, the insurance will not cover the cost of sickness treatments. Hence, it is the perfect cover, along with travel insurance, to cover all risks (injuries and illness) during the holiday.

Pet Insurance

Leaving your pet home, even when leaving to work, is already saddening and stressful. Hence going on holiday and boarding pets is always scarier. There is always a chance they may fall ill in the boarding home or hurt themselves.

pet insurance Hong Kong- Family Holiday- Pet medical expense

Even the best pet boarders or friends won’t care for your pets like you do. If this is the case, the pet will have to be quickly treated by the boarding company or friend, which will have to be paid for by the owner. Pet medical costs can be hefty even for a simple check-up, but it is essential for a pet owner.

Hence before leaving for your summer holiday, you can purchase pet insurance to cover their medical expenses. The insurance will reimburse the amount spent on their check-up, treatment or surgery. It is the best insurance to make sure your pet gets the best treatment in case they fall ill while you are away.

Benefits Of Having the Right Insurance Cover During the Summer Holiday

The summer holiday is meant to be fun; however, there can be situations that ruin that enjoyment. Having the proper insurance can help families, couples, and individuals have a safeguard while travelling.

The insurance can save the policyholder from an expensive and unpredictable situation. Each insurance will protect different aspects for policyholders and provide the highest-level protection if things do go wrong.

Insurance can intensely reduce risk impact when things are out of control, whether it is regarding your house, travel or your pet. With the above insurance, you can sip your drink(s) and forget all your worries.


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