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After the holiday season, many people start their fitness journey to lose the extra weight gained during the festivities and begin their New Year’s fitness resolution. 

The rise in the number of individuals practising fitness in 2024 provides an excellent opportunity for personal trainers to support and guide clients on their path to wellness. Personal trainers create personalised fitness plans based on individual goals, ensuring safe and effective progress. 

Therefore, the new year is an excellent chance to acquire new personal training clients and start the year positively. However, the new year and gym rush don’t guarantee an instant increase in the client list, so personal trainers must make an effort and follow specific steps to increase personal training for clients post-holiday. 

This article will discuss the top 10 tips to increase personal training clients for a successful 2024.

10 Tips to Increase Personal Trainer Clients

1. Partner With Popular Gyms

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Equipment and location are essential for a personal trainer to train existing or new clients. One of the best ways to increase personal training clients is to partner with suitable gyms or studios.

After the holidays, gyms will be packed with new members and potential clients. Working at the right gym part-time or full-time allows trainers to expand their client list and meet new gym members who are serious about taking their fitness to the next level.

2. Take Advantage Of The Post-Holiday Rush

As mentioned, gyms will be packed during the beginning of the year. However, there will also be people who may be too afraid to join a gym and prefer working out outdoors. Personal trainers must look out for both types of clients post-holidays.

A trainer can help turn a client’s New Year resolutions into reality with the right direction and persuasion. Hence, every trainer must take advantage of the holiday season to increase personal training clients and make a difference in people’s lives.

3. Use Social Media

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Social media is a powerful tool for any business, including fitness. There are many great platforms to help promote fitness services and attract an audience. It is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and connect with potential clients.

When fitness experts use social media for their personal training marketing, it can bring in interested parties, such as clients, partnerships, sponsors and more. It is one of the best ways to increase personal training clients in the new generation.

4. Ask Existing Clients For References

A great thing to post on social media is your training work and your change in a client’s life. Hence, another tip to increase personal training clients is to ask existing or past clients for references and permission to post their fitness progress.

When followers notice the work you can perform and the changes you have already made, they may be more interested in booking a session. In this day and age, everyone reads reviews on everything before paying, including fitness services. Therefore, client testimonials can build trust in your service even before the service.

5. Have A Specific Target Audience

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It is important to have a specific expertise and target audience that you know you can train better. Especially as a new personal trainer, targeting a particular audience is critical to increasing personal training clients.

The target market could be new gym members to older adults trying to maintain their fitness. However, it is vital to study the market to ensure their leads can turn into clients effectively.

Fitness marketing is vital and must be done correctly to gain the benefits.

6. Offer New Year Trials

A risky but effective way to increase personal training clients is to offer free trials during January. The promotion strategies will bring in many interested leads but may only convert a few into clients.

It can be effective if you, as a trainer, are confident in your service and communication skills. A trial should be about the workout but also what you can offer in the future if they pay for your full service.

Providing a limited trial period is essential to avoid wasting time and costs. Members who are serious about their fitness may pay and be worth the risk.

7. Write Articles About Fitness On A Personal Website

People are constantly googling questions about their fitness, training and health. Answering common fitness questions in a simple-to-understand way is essential to increasing personal training clients.

The public wants answers from experts and would be more likely to train with a trainer who knows about the topic. One of the best ways to penetrate the fitness market is to write articles on your own website to bring in leads and website traffic.

The website can include fitness tips, articles, fitness service product details, contact information, and client testimonials. A good article with the proper SEO can be a key to increasing personal trainer marketing.

8. Purchase Personal Trainer Insurance

Personal trainer Insurance

A key to gaining the trust of gyms, studios and clients is having personal trainer insurance. The insurance is crucial to working with clients and businesses to protect them and their property. Clients should know if they are injured due to your service, your insurance will cover and compensate them.

Personal trainer insurance involves different insurance policies to help the trainer handle possible training risks. Insurance will cover the financial and career damage for a client or business. In addition, it consists of protections such as professional indemnity, general liability and property all-risk. 

Having the right insurance can help increase personal training clients and partnerships throughout the year and protect your liability at the same time. You can read more about personal training insurance through our article ‘ The Best Insurances for Personal Trainers and Gyms’.

9. Keep Networking 

Personal trainers should prioritise networking as it can benefit their business. Networking allows trainers to build relationships with other fitness professionals in the industry, such as nutritionists, physiotherapists, and gym owners. These connections can lead to referrals and opportunities to expand their client base and offer comprehensive services to clients. 

Trainers can network at fitness events, seminars or even social events. It is a great way to expand your business and reach. In addition, networking enables trainers to seek advice and find mentorship, ultimately improving their practice.

10. Update Training Style And Knowledge 

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Personal trainers must continuously update their training services and be able to grow with new fitness trends.

Clients expect trainers to provide the best service with modern research and effective workouts that deliver results. By staying current, trainers can offer innovative training techniques and approaches that keep clients engaged and motivated. 

The fitness industry constantly evolves, with new research and advancements emerging regularly. Hence, every fitness professional must provide the best service they can.

Being up-to-date can also help deal with competition and increase personal training clients.

Following all or most of these tips effectively will increase personal training clients in no time.


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