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Gyms are a great place to forget your worries and train to your limit. Especially with the recent opening of gyms, it’s time to get in shape and reach physical goals. Although, anyone who works out knows the various risks resulting in gym injuries.

Gyms and personal trainers are experts who know about these risks and how to prevent injuries. They also recognise slight negligence can result in lawsuits due to injuries or damage.

Some injuries can result from poor form, trainer negligence or faulty machine/equipment. This case study will explain how personal trainer insurance covered a shocking gym injury claim due to equipment fault.

Client Background

Our client is a small local gym in Hong Kong that contains weightlifting and cardio equipment. They have around 2000 members and aim to keep growing in the city. Members of the gym can use the equipment to train and attend personal training sessions provided. Additionally, the gym makes sure all their professional personal trainers are experts in training and gym safety. They take pride in their safety and professional services.

Furthermore, as a gym business, they must make sure they are always careful and alert to avoid unwanted incidents. All fitness centres will be liable for gym injuries or severe property damage on the premises.

Additionally, even if gym injuries are common, members will have the right to sue the business if they feel it was the gym’s fault. Whether the claim is minor or major, it can result in financial loss and brand damage

Client Problem – How The Gym Injury Occurred?

The gym believed it had done its best to keep the premises and equipment safe from any surprising incidents. Unfortunately, the checks they did were not enough- as a loose damaged part caused a severe injury and expensive claim.

bench press-gym injury

The workout injury occurred on the ‘bench-press’ equipment. The equipment includes the member lifting a weighted bar off the bench hooks, onto the chest and then up while lying on the bench; finally, pushing it back on the hook. In this case, the member placed the bar back on the hook, but one of the hooks did not hold. As a result, the broken hook let one side of the bar fall onto the member’s shoulder.

The injury included the member cracking his collar bone and needing hospital treatment immediately. The injured member then sued the gym for negligence (not checking and fixing damaged equipment). As a result, the fitness business will have to pay for medical and compensation costs. All these costs can add up to a hefty amount and outcome in a significant financial loss for the business.

How Personal Trainer Insurance Covered the Gym Injury Claims?

Sadly, these faulty equipment injuries can happen, even if the gym checks equipment daily. Fortunately, the gym had personal trainer insurance, covering public liability claims. Personal trainer insurance involves different insurance policies to help personal trainers and gyms deal with possible risks. The public insurance segment covers all the injured party’s medical bills, legal fees, and compensation costs.

Many gyms believe that members cannot sue the business for injuries if they have signed a liability waiver. However, this is wrong; if the injury is due to faulty equipment or any type of negligence, the member has full right to sue.

Personal trainer insurance covered most costs related to the gym injury claim, which included:

  • Medical expenses: HKD 120,000
  • Legal Costs: HKD 50,000
  • Compensation costs: HKD 160,000

Total costs covered: HKD 330,000


personal trainer


Third-party injuries or damage is why every gym and personal trainer needs personal trainer insurance to protect themselves and the business. The insurance consists of professional indemnity, public liability, and property all-risk protections. The three powerful insurances will cover any professional and business working in the fitness industry.

Additionally, gyms are full of public liability risks from damaged equipment to clients slipping in the washroom. Therefore, personal trainer insurance is a valuable asset for a fitness business. It can protect the liability of employees, brand image and the property itself.

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