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Easter is a holiday for both prayer and fun, celebrated with family. It is an opportunity for families to decorate eggs, participate in egg hunts, and go to various Easter events or fairs.

Easter is an excellent opportunity for businesses to organise easter egg hunts, carnival events and fairs for kids and families. Companies can use their event hosting skills to create attractive events while also promoting their brand and increasing profit.

However, hosting an Easter event is complicated and has various risks. These event risks are surprising incidents that could ruin the event and result in negative outcomes. The outcomes can include lawsuits, injuries, damage and financial loss.

Every business needs a protection plan to ensure they are ready for these event risks. The best protection plan is having a suitable combination of insurance. Having event insurance may not be enough to cover every Easter event risk.

So, what are these Easter event risks?

What are Easter Event Risks?


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Organising an Easter event takes a lot of work, from booking the venue to selling tickets. The hosting company has to book vendors and rent event equipment to ensure the event is fun and entertaining for the target market.

Hence, cancellation due to uncontrollable situations can be disastrous. The situations include bad weather, vendor pulling out, venue cancellations, etc. Regardless of the reason, cancelling an event is devastating and complicated.

The business must refund every ticket sold and will lose all their deposit. The cancellation can result in a large amount of financial loss and possible reputation damage.

The best protection to help businesses recover from even cancellations is event insurance. Event insurance will cover the financial loss related to the cancellations as long as the reasons match the policy. The insurance will help refund tickets and reimburse the no-return deposit loss.

Event cancellations could occur at any event, and postponing a holiday event to a different date can be complicated – you can’t host an Easter event two weeks after Easter.

Attendees Injuries

When children attend an event, the hosting business must be even more careful. There must be strong safety measures to ensure everyone is safe and there is the lowest chance of accidents. Although, executing an event is full of uncertainties, including unpredictable attendee injuries.

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When there is an injury on the Easter event premises, the hosting business will be liable. The injuries could happen to adults or children, resulting in public liability lawsuits. The injuries could be due to the activities, premises or negligence.

 For instance, if a child gets injured on a ride, the hosting business will still be liable, even if it wasn’t the event’s fault. 

Event insurance has a public liability cover to help cover third-party injuries. The insurance will cover the costs related to the injuries during the event. The costs will cover legal, medical and compensation costs. Even with well-planned safety measures, accidents can happen anytime, especially during activities involving kids.

Equipment Damage

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Almost every event requires a list of equipment. An Easter event or fair is among the events that require a long list of equipment. The equipment includes speakers, security equipment, stalls, rides and more.

The equipment may be rented or purchased by the hosting company. When the equipment is damaged during the event, the company will be liable to repair or replace it. 

The cost linked to recovering from equipment damages can be hefty. For instance, renting a single inflated ride ranges from HK$ 3,000 – 5,000; an event may need multiple.

The damage could occur due to weather, the attendees or operating negligence. Event insurance can help cover equipment damage during the event. The insurance will reimburse the repair and replacement costs, so the business doesn’t suffer financial loss.

Situations when a business has to spend thousands on repair can be stressful; insurance greatly reduces this stress.

Property Damage 

When hosting an Easter event, one of the main things needed is a venue, indoors or outdoors. The venue is crucial to deciding how big the event can be and how many tickets it can sell. When renting a venue, there is usually a contractual agreement to ensure the property is not damaged.

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The property can include anything that comes with the venue, including fixtures. The business is responsible for ensuring that the property isn’t damaged while setting up or during the event.

However, accidents can happen; for instance, the builders might damage the walls or entrance while bringing in stage equipment. The venue will heavily fine the hosting business. The fine will include the repair costs and compensation, as they might not be able to rent the venue again until repairs are done.

Thankfully, event insurance will cover the risk of unpredictable damages. The insurance will cover the repair costs and possible fines, but only if it is accidental and damage-related. If the event is hosted on business property, the company will need property all-risk insurance to cover their property/venue.

No matter how careful a host may be, accidents may occur, and it’s better to be protected. 

Volunteer Injury

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The proper staff is crucial when hosting an easter event, from security and stall staff to cartoon mascots. Each staff member is a part-time employee/volunteer hired by the hosting company. The company is liable for every single employee working during the event.

Therefore, the business will be liable for medical and compensation payments if a volunteer is injured. The injuries could occur at any point in the event while they perform their duty.

The costs related to an event work injury can build up to a large amount and shake up the event budget. Unfortunately, event insurance or employee compensation insurance will not cover volunteers during the event. 

Fortunately, hosting businesses can purchase personal accident insurance to cover their event staff. The insurance will cover work injuries that result due to accidents that have occurred at the event. The company can purchase the insurance for just the duration of the event at a very reasonable cost. It is a perfect policy to ensure every staff member is safe and protected.

Why Having Insurance Is Ideal to Deal with Easter Event Risks

Hosting an easter event can be full of risks that can ruin the event and its purpose. Having insurance helps deal with these risks in the easiest and most effective way.

No matter how hard a business tries to be safe, executing events is unpredictable. The combination of insurance is the ideal protection when things go wrong cause there will always be something that does go wrong.

Dealing with risks can be expensive and add financial pressure to a sensitive event budget. Insurance for events will provide financial protection for recovery. Companies can move on from disasters or claims with a reduced financial loss. 

Insurance allows organisers to focus on creating and executing the best easter event without worrying about sudden risks. 



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