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Diwali is one of the biggest and most important Indian festivals celebrated in India and many more countries. The festival is declared a holiday in Fiji, Guyana, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka and more. Billions of Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains worldwide celebrate the festival.

Diwali is known as the festival of lights that celebrates the victory of light over darkness. Many Hindus decorate their homes with vibrant colours, light candles and fireworks, pray, and feast with family. Diwali is enlightenment to all senses, but without the correct Diwali safety caution, the celebration can be dangerous.

Various Diwali risks can ruin the celebration, causing fires, home damage and serious injuries. Hence, it is crucial to follow Diwali safety tips to have a safe and fun celebration with reduced worries.

Top 10 Diwali Safety Tips

1. Clean Home

Festival clean up- Avoid Home fires

Indians deep clean their homes before Diwali as part of the celebration. It is said a clean house increases the chance of holy blessings. Cleaning your home also allows you to reduce the chance of home fires.

The first Diwali safety step is to remove or move any flammable materials while cleaning the home. The materials and assets that should be removed include loose paper around the home, flowing curtains, and expensive assets.

Removing any material or item that can easily catch and spread fire from a candle or fireworks sparks can prevent home fires and asset damage.

2. Wear the Right Clothes

During Diwali, Indians put on their best bright Indian outfits to celebrate and stand out. These Indian outfits come in all colours and various styles. However, these cheerful outfits can be hazardous without the proper Diwali safety steps.

There is always a chance the outfits can catch fire due to flammable fabric or loose/too-long scarves (dupatta). One firecracker spark or brush over a candle can result in clothing catching fire and causing severe injuries.

Wearing reasonably fitted clothes with less synthetic material and tying/tucking loose additions can avoid serious fire injuries.

3. Candle Safety 

Diwali Diyas, green Diwali, have a safe Diwali

Candles, also known as ‘Diyas’ in India, are a big part of Diwali. Diyas symbolise rejecting the darkness and moving to the light. They are also a cause of house fires during the celebrations.

There are a few Diwali safety steps a family can take to prevent candle home fires. One tip is to use LED diyas, which promote eco-friendly green Diwali, and you don’t have to worry about the flame.

However, we understand LED diyas don’t give the same feeling; therefore, you must keep the fire candles away from curtains or any flammable material, use clay instead of plastic and always keep them away from children. Understanding Diwali candle safety can prevent huge fires that all begin from something small.

4. Communicate with Neighbours and Local Authorities

Diwali is a loud festival with many guests, lights, music and fireworks. It is a celebration many Indians look forward to, but neighbours may disagree. If you do not live in India, you may need to check with your neighbours and local laws before celebrating.

For example, in Hong Kong, private fireworks are illegal, which is common in many countries. Communication with your neighbours may help you understand how loud and big you can celebrate and when to end. Additionally, talking to the neighbours about Diwali may help spread knowledge, and they may want to join the celebration.

The Diwali safety tips can prevent trouble with the police and awkward relationships with the community. 

5. Purchase High-Quality Licenced Firecrackers

Diwali Fireworks, 10 points about Diwali, eco-friendly green Diwali. Diwali Safety tips

If fireworks in your country are legal, you can buy a bag of amazing fireworks. However, buying the proper fireworks can affect Diwali safety. You must purchase all your fireworks from an authorised licenced shop

Licenced shops will typically sell safer fireworks, which can avoid fires and injuries. You can also purchase eco-friendly fireworks, which are not entirely environmentally friendly but produce 50% less emissions.

Unlicenced fireworks can be faulty and lead to serious injuries, home fires and a devastating festival.

6. Light Firecrackers in Open Spaces

When it is the big day to celebrate, and you have fireworks, it’s time to have fun. Although while having fun, it is vital to be safe. One disaster can ruin the festival; most disasters begin with the unsafe use of fireworks.

Our main Diwali safety tip is to light all fireworks outside in an open space. Additionally, adults must always guide and observe children when using fireworks. It is better to set some rules for children to avoid mistakes. 

There is no such thing as being too safe when dealing with fireworks and children during Diwali.

7. Keep Water and Wet Cloths Nearby

Indian Family fireworks, Festival in India, Deepavali

Another Diwali safety tip is keeping some safety gear in case of fire or injuries. An emergency kit can help deal with small fires and quickly reduce the damage. The emergency items can include a bucket of water, wet clothes, first aid and even a small fire extinguisher.

However, if the fire seems big or growing fast, do not try to put it out yourself; instantly call the fire department and get everyone away.

8. Respect Pets and Animals

Fireworks are loud and bright – they might be fun to watch, but it is an awful experience for animals. The noise typically terrifies pets and animals in the local area—especially the big fireworks in the sky and the ones that fly.

An important and respectful Diwali safety step is to keep your pets indoors and limit the amount of fireworks. Additionally, avoid air fireworks if possible to prevent scaring local animals.

Due to the amount of food and guests during Diwali, there is a risk your pet may eat something harmful and fall ill. It is vital to ensure you have pet insurance to cover the costs of treatment in case your dog falls ill or is injured during the celebration. The insurance will make sure you can opt for the best medical treatment without worrying about costs.

9. Purchase Or Renew Home Insurance

Diwali Home insurance, Indian Homes

Diwali is a great festival when you are safe and well-prepared. However, there is always a chance of disasters due to negligence or freak accidents. These disasters include house fires or damaged home assets. Either way, it can be very costly for a homeowner to repair and recover from.

For instance, in 2021, there were nearly 200 home fires in Delhi, the capital of India, during Diwali.

Hence, an insurance for Diwali that is essential is home insurance. The insurance will cover the cost of repair or replacement of the home and the contents inside in case of fire damage during Diwali. A high-quality policy will also cover if your home fire causes neighbour damage or injuries to a third party. Even if you currently have home insurance, it is better to make sure it is updated and covers Diwali risks.

10. Clean Up After Celebration 

After you have had fun and finished your celebration, the Diwali risks still do not end. Our final Diwali safety tip is to make sure you clean up before going to bed.

The clean-up includes putting out all candles, disposing of all leftover fireworks, and locking all windows and doors. Cleaning up after makes sure that no candle causes any fire. Cleaning leftover fireworks reduces the chances of random faulty fireworks going off or releasing toxic fumes. In addition, locking the home ensures no Diwali break-ins and thefts. 

The festival is all about having fun with family and friends, but Diwali safety is key to ensuring it is a grand Diwali this year. 



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