Most Dangerous Jobs in Hong Kong

Could you climb up a 20-storey building from the outside? There are some jobs in Hong Kong that many can’t even imagine doing due to the risks and dangers. These dangerous jobs require specific skills and bravery to complete at a standard level.

The work done by these jobs is a big part of the city, and without these brave workers, Hong Kong would not be the same. Unfortunately, their risks include injuries and sudden death when things go wrong. 

It may not be enough at times, but their employers provide employee compensation that covers their injuries and risks. This short article will point out the top dangerous jobs in Hong Kong.

Most Dangerous Jobs in Hong Kong

1. Scaffolders

In Hong Kong, many buildings are covered by bamboo and green sheets – we call this scaffolding. Scaffolding is a temporary platform to support workers as they maintain buildings, install, repair air conditioners, and fix the exterior structure. There is no limit to the scaffolding height; at points, you may see the bamboo set up on 20-30 floor windows.

Just looking at these scaffolders brings fear to many. Yet, scaffolders perform their job with ease and with minimum safety support. Unfortunately, one slip or unsecure bamboo can lead to horrific injury or death. It is the most dangerous job in Hong Kong, with many injury cases every month.

Without scaffolders, Hong Kong would be full of old dirty buildings, and simple exterior instalments would be extremely costly.

2. Construction Workers

Hong Kong is always developing with new buildings, bridges, and countless structures. Construction workers play a huge part in the development and are also known as one of the most dangerous jobs in Hong Kong. Their jobs include using machines, materials, and tools to create the planned structure.

In Hong Kong, it is rare to have a new building under 20 floors; hence these construction workers create these floors and are always at risk of falling objects, dangerous heights, or even malfunctioning machinery. They are provided with a hard hat and a vest- which would do nothing to protect them from a falling brick or if they slip off a high floor. 

They work in the heat and even rain when the schedule is tight. Once again, there have been many cases recently of sad deaths of construction workers who are just doing their jobs.

3. Cleaners and Garbage Collectors

Hong Kong tries its best to keep the city as clean as possible and is implementing sticker rules. This is all thanks to the hardworking cleaners who keep every part of Hong Kong as clean as possible. However, it is a dangerous job in Hong Kong, as one never knows what is in the bins or on the streets.

Cleaners can easily be victims of injuries and illness due to the various substances in bins around the city. The substances could include shattered glass to toxic chemicals. As a result, they could suffer cuts, infections, or serious diseases. Sometimes gloves and masks are not enough protection.  

4. Warehouse Workers

Warehouse workers are essential to most industries; they help with the storage and movement of products. Warehouses store physical inventory for many businesses in Hong Kong. These products can be anything from clothes to furniture. Warehouse workers are responsible for knowing where each product is, moving it out of storage, and delivering it to specific locations.

All these products can be very heavy; it takes a large amount of strength and coordination to move even one box. Hence many risks make it one of the most dangerous jobs in Hong Kong. Risky situations can include falling objects, overexertion, falls and machinery accidents. These few possible situations can cause a worker serious harm and long-term injuries.

5. Delivery Drivers 

There are thousands of delivery drivers all around Hong Kong that are delivering products and food. Food delivery drivers are among the most dangerous jobs in Hong Kong due to their bikes, speed, and weather.

We expect our food to arrive as soon as possible and blame our drivers when there is any delay. Due to these high expectations, they are given a certain amount of time to reach a destination and ride their bikes even when there is a high amount of rain.

Due to the speed and possible rain, there is a high chance of road accidents that can lead to fatal injuries or worse. The accidents also occur due to muscle strain and fatigue, which come with the job. They are a huge part of the Hong Kong lifestyle and do not get enough credit.

How Employee Compensation Insurance Helps Cover these Dangerous Jobs in Hong Kong

Fortunately, employee compensation insurance is mandatory in Hong Kong. Therefore, employee compensation insurance will help cover possible injuries, illness, or death due to their dangerous job. The insurance will reimburse the cost of medical bills, compensation and salary while recovering. 

Accidents can, unfortunately, happen at any point in these dangerous jobs; hence EC insurance will help employees, employers, and the employee’s family recover without any financial stress. These brave professionals are vital in Hong Kong and deserve the best care. 

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