Christmas Gifts

Christmas is creeping around the corner, as we are just a month away from the big day. So, it’s time to start listing things to do before the festive season begins. It all starts with buying trees, decorations, stocking up the pantry and, most importantly, buying Christmas gifts!

It’s always better to start planning and purchasing early than panic last minute. By buying your Christmas gifts on time, you only have to worry about finding room to hide your gifts.

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is never easy, no matter who you’re shopping for. This short article will provide the best tips for picking the perfect Christmas gifts and if your gifts may also need asset insurance.

These tips will help you avoid all the Christmas stress – ok, maybe, just the gifting stress of Christmas.

Tips For Picking The Best Christmas Gifts

1. Set A Budget 

Christmas is one of the most expensive holidays with the travelling, hosting dinner and the number of Christmas gifts you need to purchase. We must avoid spending too much this Christmas and eat instant noodles all of January. The best way to prevent this is by budgeting.

You must limit how much you will spend on each gift and the maximum amount you can spend. But try not to reach that amount every time. Prioritise people by budgeting higher for loved ones and a bit less for people you don’t know too well.

Budgeting may help you save money this year and cut down on the endless possibility of options.

2. Don’t Leave It Too Late 

Christmas calendar

As we said, save yourself from some Christmas gift stress by purchasing your gifts early. November is almost over; take advantage and start shopping now. You do not even need to go to the stores; you can use online shopping platforms to reduce the crowd and queues.

However, remember, a lot of people have the same idea, and things are soon going to sell out. You don’t want to think of the best Christmas gift list and then find out it’s all sold out. Acting now will allow you to relax when all your friends and family are panicking.

3. Consider What People Actually Need 

When shopping for loved ones, you have an idea of what they need and how they live. Not everyone loves expensive gifts; many want gifts they will use every day and will make life easier. These presents could include a coffee machine to something small like socks. (We all need more socks)

Every person needs different things, and some may not even know what they needed until they get your gift. It’s time to start stalking your friends and family and understand their needs. 

For example, if your friend’s house is full of messy phone, laptop, and earphone wires in every corner, why not gift them a wireless charging station.

4. Experience Gifts Are Great

Experience Gifts

Can’t think of a physical gift to purchase? – Why not try experience Christmas gifts? Experiences gifts are new trends, and the possibility is endless (without the shopping part). An experience could be a spa day, an adventure experience to even a private chef dinner.

Experience gifts will allow the receiver to enjoy that unique experience anytime they want and with anyone. These experience presents can be purchased straight from websites and gifted in an envelope or an email. Just make sure it is an experience they will actually enjoy- for instance, a sushi experience for a vegan may not be the best idea.

5. Can’t Go Wrong with Gift Cards

Try a gift card when you don’t know someone well or just don’t know what to get them. Almost all stores provide gift cards allowing users to buy anything they want within the purchased limit.

A gift card is perfect when you have no idea what they would like but want them to enjoy their Christmas gifts. Just make sure the receivers would shop there, and the card has a reasonable amount. It’s not the most personal gift, but many people prefer this style of gifts as it allows them to choose exactly what they want. 

6. Don’t Forget to Buy Yourself a Gift 

Self-love Gift

Gifting yourself is not selfish! You have worked hard this year and deserve to treat yourself. Only you know what you want; your dream Christmas gifts might be that beautiful dress or the PlayStation 5. The holiday is about spreading love and being thankful for the year; there is nothing better than self-love and celebrating your hard work.

Just check no one buys you the same thing- it might be better to buy it after you have received everyone’s gift. However, try to stay within your budget; you don’t want to regret self-love after a few weeks.

Do You Need Asset Insurance For Your Christmas Gifts?

Some gifts are a bit more expensive and valuable than others – like jewellery, art, and collectable items. These Christmas gifts need to be taken care of as it can be awful if they are damaged or lost.

These risks could happen to any gift, but it is definitely more concerning when it’s an expensive one. Hence you could include asset insurance with the gift to help them deal with risks and enjoy the gift without stress.

Asset insurance will reimburse the cost of repair or replacement due to damage, loss, and theft. The perfect Christmas insurance presents extension to help the receiver deal with unfortunate asset situations.

You don’t want your loved one to worry about any risk when wearing or using your Christmas gift and asset insurance allows that.


To learn more about asset insurance and protect your Christmas gifts in Hong Kong & Asia, contact Red Asia Insurance.