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The 10th of February will mark the start of the 2024 Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year. A festival that is known worldwide and celebrated by billions. It is a holiday in Southeast Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and many more.

The days leading up to the big celebration are all about cleaning the home for good fortune, red decorations, cooking and planning the holidays. It is one of the most exciting times of the year in the traditional Chinese calendar.

It is a festival to honour gods and ancestors and feast with family and friends. Chinese New Year is typically celebrated at someone’s or multiple homes with prayers, piles of food, hóngbāo, fireworks and laughter.

However, while celebrating or even before, there are some risks that could ruin the celebration. Things can go wrong, from damage and cancelled flights to injuries and illnesses.

Everyone celebrating should be aware of these Chinese New Year risks and have the proper protection plan. One never knows when things could go wrong, and it is always better to be prepared before and after.

Top Chinese New Year Risks

Home Damages

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During Chinese New Year feasts and gatherings, the pressure is always on the hosting home. Family and friends all gather in one home to share food and happiness. With many guests and joyful celebrations, it is easy to neglect safety, which can lead to home risks.

Home risks are among Chinese New Year risks that can result in devastating outcomes and ruin the holiday quickly. The risks include severe home damage, fires, floods and guest injuries or illness. The risks could occur due to guests, cooking errors, unsafe fireworks, and unpredictable incidents.

Home insurance is the best protection to cover home Chinese New Year risks. The insurance will cover repair and replacement costs related to home damage. In addition, it will cover third-party claims in case a guest is injured or ill due to the home celebration and decides to sue the host. 

It is the ideal insurance to ensure hosts can recover from disastrous home risks without massive financial loss.

Traveling Disasters 

During Chinese New Year’s, millions travel back to their home, to family or for non-festive holidays. In fact, China expects 9 billion trips during the lunar new year. The busy time can result in many things going wrong during Chinese New Year travels.

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A Chinese New Year risk is the travel disasters associated with the holiday. There is a higher chance of errors or sudden cancellations during the holidays. Common travelling risks include cancelled flights, lost baggage and medical emergencies abroad. These risks can occur on any trip and result in a large amount of financial loss.

The Chinese New Year risk is why travel insurance is necessary before travelling. The insurance covers financial risks and losses that may arise while travelling. The common travel risk cover includes lost luggage, cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost travel documents.

 The policy can save policyholders from large amounts of loss and recover quickly to focus on the celebration.

Domestic Helper Injuries

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Many families could not survive the eventful festival without the help of their domestic helper. Helpers assist in cooking, cleaning, decorating and caring for kids/elderly. The busy time can be very demanding and stressful for these domestic helpers, which could result in harmful outcomes.

Domestic helpers could suffer serious medical injuries or illnesses while they are performing their work. The festival-related injuries or illnesses could be due to cooking accidents, slips and falls or overwork illness. The employer is responsible for ensuring the helper gets the care they need to recover and financially cover the bills.

Employers can cover the Chinese New Year risk by purchasing high-quality domestic helper insurance. The insurance will help cover the employer’s responsibility by reimbursing the costs related to domestic helper injuries or illness.

Domestic helpers are a great help, and employees should do whatever they can to help them when things go wrong. 

Personal Accidents 

Celebrating safely is the key to a great Chinese New Year. Personal injuries are one of the Chinese New Year risks that can occur due to many unpredictable celebration incidents.

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Cooking, driving, holiday sports, sudden falls, or unsafe fireworks could cause injuries. These injuries could occur to adults and kids, and even with safety enforcement, an unpredictable incident can result in severe injuries and hefty medical bills.

To cover such unpredictable accidents, celebrators should have personal accident insurance. The insurance will cover the medical and recovery costs associated with injuries due to sudden accidents.

Accidents are unfortunate and expensive; the best a person can do is have the right medical insurance beforehand.

Pet Sickness 

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Many families have pets that are part of the family and join the Chinese New Year celebrations. Pet owners must always keep an eye on their pets and try to keep them safe during the festival. Unfortunately, some incidents could harm animals when celebrating a festival like Chinese New Year.

There are some foods that may be poisonous for animals, causing them to fall seriously ill. In addition, the large number of guests and fireworks may scare the animal, resulting in injury. A host may not be able to entertain and keep an eye on their pet at all times, which could result in the pet being injured or ill in the celebration.

Pet medical bills can be costly and stressful; hence, pet owners should purchase pet insurance. The insurance will cover most medical and treatment bills related to injuries or illnesses. It is the perfect insurance to provide your pet with the best medical care without financial compromises.

Why is Insurance for Chinese New Year Risks Crucial?

The festival is meant to be full of fun, love and laughter without Chinese New Year risks. However, these risks do occur more than they should. The right insurance is the ideal protection plan to recover quickly and possibly continue the celebration.

Dealing with these risks can be expensive, and with insurance, one does not need to worry as much about the financial surprise. Proper insurance will cover most costs related to the threats, which can help reduce mental stress.

These risks can be very unpredictable, and insurance provides peace of mind. Hosts and travellers know they will be covered during this busy holiday and can focus on enjoying rather than stressing.

We hope everyone has a grand Lunar New Year celebration without any Chinese New Year risks, but better safe than sorry.



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