Family Insurance: Protect Your Family in Hong Kong!

Families in Hong Kong come in all sizes, and every member is as important as the other. Keeping your family safe and happy is one of the most important things. As a parent or guardian, you must protect them from sudden unfortunate situations. Families in Hong Kong could face several risks, which can result [...]

Importance of Landlord Insurance When Renting Your Property

As a homeowner, you have three options when it comes to your property: live in it, sell it, or lease it out. Renting out your property can be a great way to earn extra income. However, becoming a landlord comes with several duties and risks. When you lease your property, you essentially hand it [...]

All You Need to Know About Golf Insurance

Golf is a sport that is gaining popularity, with more people discovering the joy and competitive benefits it offers. The sport is played as a hobby and competitively by millions of golfers. It is not just about hitting a ball into a hole, but requires a great deal of strategy, knowledge, skills and practice. [...]

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Importance of Personal Accident Insurance in Addition to Medical Insurance

Accidents and injuries are unpredictable for everyone. Even if you are an indoor person, you could still face a surprise accident. Accidents could happen anywhere from your home to an extreme sports location. There are some accidents that can change your life for a short period or even forever. An accident can lead to [...]

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Top Benefits of Hiring Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

Many families consist of both partners working, which makes it challenging to balance work, life and family. Domestic helpers are vital to Hong Kong; many families could not live in the city without their helper(s). In fact, over 390,000 domestic helpers in Hong Kong help their employers with their busy lifestyles. Domestic helpers are [...]

Managing Chinese New Year Risks for A Safe Celebration

The 10th of February will mark the start of the 2024 Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year. A festival that is known worldwide and celebrated by billions. It is a holiday in Southeast Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and many more. The days leading up [...]

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The Year of The Dragon: Powerful & Fiery Predictions for 2024

As we move past New Year's and into 2024, millions worldwide look forward to the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year.  The festival is one of the most important festivals that marks the start of the new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. The exciting festival is celebrated with friends [...]

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Importance of Home Insurance During the Holidays

It is officially the beginning of the holiday season, and everyone is looking forward to a magical Christmas with their loved ones. But with all the festivities and excitement, it's important to remember to protect your home. After all, nothing could be worse than a holiday disaster that could ruin the joy and cheer [...]

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Benefits Of Travel Insurance This Holiday Season

Travelling is an exciting part of the holidays, from booking the tickets to landing and enjoying the destination. Passengers either fly to a new destination or travel to family during the Christmas break. In December 2022, Hong Kong Airport handled around 1.6 million passengers flying out of the city. Holiday travels bring joy but [...]

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Common Christmas Risks You Must Avoid This Year

We are just a couple of weeks from the big day, Christmas. The countdown is sometimes as much fun as the day. However, the days leading to Christmas are busy; some families are planning their travel, decorating homes, planning a big family party, shopping for gifts, and much more. A lot can happen during [...]

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