Difference Between Replacement Cost and Market Value

Life is always unpredictable; in a blink, your valuables or your home can be damaged, lost or robbed. In such cases, the only saviour is insurance. Insurance will thankfully provide a value that helps reduce the pain and eventually replace or repair. However, most insurance policies offer different reimbursement costs, including replacement cost and [...]

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Do You Follow These Typhoon Safety Steps in Hong Kong?

If you live in Hong Kong, you have a higher chance of predicting the Rugby 7s winners than the weather. Especially during typhoon season, which ranges from June to the end of October in 2022. Typhoons are the Asia version of a hurricane, cyclone, or storm. The typhoons in Hong Kong range from T1-10. [...]

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Top 5 Thrilling Adventure Sports in Hong Kong

Are you an adrenaline junkie in Hong Kong? Hong Kong is full of activities, sites, food, and luxury shopping. Did you know - Adventure sports are among the popular activities people in Hong Kong love. There is a range of adventure sports thrill seekers can enjoy in the city known as the concert jungle [...]

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How To Organise The Perfect Junk Party In Hong Kong?

Is it really a Hong Kong summer without a junk party? As soon as the weather gets warm and the sun is out, there is only one thing to do: plan a junk party. Junk parties are known to be one of the most popular summer activities in Hong Kong. It is a perfect way [...]

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Top 10 Hiking Tips For Your Next Hike In Hong Kong

When people think of Hong Kong, they imagine expensive shopping, a fast-moving city, and the famous skyline view. However, Hong Kong is much more than that; there is a secret that tourists' books don't tell you about. Hong Kong has more than 100 beautifully green trails/hikes around the city. Each trail is known for [...]

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How Home Insurance Coverd a Home Flooding After A Holiday?

There are more and more people travelling over summer holidays and planning future Christmas holidays too. Things finally seem to be brightening up, and a holiday is a perfect way to forget the past crazy years and relax. Although there are a few things, one must do before leaving for a holiday. An important checklist [...]

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What Can Reduce the Impact of A Home Robbery in Hong Kong?

Many of us are getting used to working back in the office. Working in the office is better for most of us, as it lets us differentiate between work and home. Unfortunately, this now means that most of our homes are empty once again throughout the day. An empty house is a perfect target for [...]

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10 Travel Tips That Will Make Your Holiday Smooth in 2022

Fingers crossed! Travelling seems to be on its way to becoming normal, like before. Unfortunately, millions of trips and holidays have been ruined in the past few years, especially in Hong Kong. Thankfully, most countries are easing travel restriction-which means you can book that dream vacation and relax on that holiday you deserve. Travelling [...]

How a Family was saved from a Yacht Accident In Hong Kong?

Yachts are vessels used for pleasure, cruising, or racing. A lucky few own a yacht, and many of us rent them during Hong Kong summers. They are a great way to get away from the city and relax. Although owning a yacht come with risks and responsibility, each owner should recognise it. One of these [...]

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Top 5 Personal Insurance Tips – Avoid Personal Risks Now

Insurance is known as the perfect safety net when things go wrong. Everyone should own some personal insurance(s) to avoid personal risks. These risks can include home, assets, health/life, travel risks, etc. Different insurances cover each one of these risks in the best way. Although there are always mistakes and misunderstandings when it comes to [...]

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