How Insurance Covered an Ironman Injury in Hawaii?

Some athletes travel worldwide to compete in marathons, biathlons and even triathlons. One of the most popular and challenging races is the Ironman. The Hawaii Ironman event is the toughest triathlon, and every year is filled with impressive athletes that have been training for years. A full Ironman course consists of a 3.9km swim, [...]

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Top 5 Asia Travel Destinations For This Easter

Easter holidays are a week away - It’s time to go travelling! We all need a break after working hard for these long three months. If you haven’t booked a holiday yet, there is still time, but where to go & what kind of holiday?  Asia travel trips are one of the best ways [...]

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What to Expect During a Hong Kong Home Insurance Inspection?

A Hong Kong home or apartment is known for its size, price, and height. Each Hong Kong apartment is either owned by a landlord or rented by tenants. No matter who lives in the home or apartment, they need home insurance. Home insurance in Hong Kong is a vital policy that helps cover homeowner's [...]

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Will Insurance Replace a Lost Diamond from An Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is something most women cherish their whole life. It is one of the most special jewellery - as it represents you and your partner’s commitment. Traditionally engagement rings include a costly shiny diamond held by a gold or silver ring band. However, what if, one day, the diamond is lost? A [...]

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How To Successfully Manage Your Travel Insurance Claims?

The holiday season is ending; hopefully, it was a great one for everyone. From the Christmas holidays to Chinese New Year, there were millions of trips made worldwide. However, with amazing travel stories comes some travels disasters, especially during the busy holidays.  Travel issues are very common during the holiday and actually happen daily [...]

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Does Domestic Worker Insurance Cover Family Caregivers?

Many Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, have just finished celebrating the Chinese New Year. It has been a consecutive weeks of holidays where most have enjoyed with their family and friends. However, there have been a few employees who work the hardest during these holidays for their employers. These employees include domestic workers. [...]

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Hop Into The Year Of The Rabbit With These Predictions!

We are just a few days away from one of the most popular celebrations in China, Hong Kong and many other Asian countries. The celebration is called Chinese New year - Year Of The Rabbit. The festival celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar   The origin reason for Chinese [...]

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Things That Could Go Wrong When Travelling During Chinese New Year

Are you travelling during Chinese New Year holidays? Chinese New Year (CNY) is one of the most important celebrations in Chinese culture and many countries. It is an occasion with a great history and traditions. The festival lasts 1-2 weeks and is spent with family and loved ones. It is a popular time to [...]

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Santa’s Risks – Does Santa Claus Need Insurance For Christmas?

We wait all year for Christmas to relax, spend time with family and enjoy gifts. But one person can't rest at all during Christmas - It's Santa! Mr Santa Claus and his crew work all year round. Then on the 24th of December,  he and his reindeers fly around the world delivering presents. It's [...]

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Steps To Protect Your Home Before Leaving for Christmas Holidays

Are you celebrating the Christmas holidays at home or flying out? Many of us will take advantage of these holidays and fly to family or a new country. However, before you leave, there is much to do and steps to take to protect your home. When going on holiday, there are always risks to [...]

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