Basics of Business Interruption Insurance in 2020

Basics of Business Interruption Insurance in 2020 Business Interruption Insurance has become increasingly important for business owners this year. Forced to navigate so much uncertainty, the people behind commercial operations have faced their fair share of adversity. There has been an unprecedented amount of disruptions. Those have had ripple effects impacting [...]

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Why take Marine Freight Insurance?

Marine Freight Insurance is protection along the transport chain. Marine Cargo Insurance, or Ad Valorem Insurance, can cover your goods from the factory to the final delivery. Whatever the mode of transportation used: sea, air, land, river. Your Marine Cargo Insurance Brokers deliver a unique certificate of insurance for all transport. Marine Freight Insurance protects against [...]

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Cargo claim – Best practices

What should you do when I have a Cargo Claim following a transport accident? At receipt of the shipment At the delivery, the consignee who notices evidence of a transport accident must make detailed remarks on the packing list to keep the insurance company future opportunities of recovery. Confirm those remarks to the carrier: [...]

Cargo insurance for frozen food

Frozen Food vs Chilled food As an introduction, it is important to consider the difference between hard frozen goods and goods carried in chilled or cooled conditions. Hard frozen goods are a far more attractive proposition to an insurer than those in chilled or cold form. Failure or malfunction [...]

Singapore funds initiative to improve port operations

A new, $54 million initiative in Singapore will research port management and urban congestion to help boost the country's port efficiency. The Urban Computing and Engineering Centre of Excellence, a joint venture by the country's Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore University and Fujitsu, will research sustainable options for improving port operations. [...]

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Shanghai Port and Antwerp sign MoU

Shanghai Port, the largest in the world, and the port of Antwerp, the second-largest in Europe, are to collaborate more closely. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed to this effect during the recent trade mission to Shanghai, port of Antwerp said in its press release. Antwerp and Shanghai have maintained close relationships with [...]

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Carrier Liabilities and their Limits

With respect to the insurance of goods in transit, during transportation, the goods are exposed to various risks. To secure repayment of the sums involved in the event of damage or loss, the charger has a legal obligation to ensure the goods. In practice, the charger representing the importer or exporter at the Incoterms [...]

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