Why Every School Needs School Liability Insurance Now?

Kindergartens, primary/secondary schools and universities-Teachers and schools can be a big part of a person's thinking, personal growth, and experience. Schooling is a crucial factor in developing critical thinking and building foundation knowledge. Additionally, learning/education is the best path towards a successful and happy life. It gives us a better understanding of life; sometimes, [...]

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The Insurances Needed in The Video Game Industry

We all have played some games, whether on our PlayStations, phones, or computers. Video games are incredibly addictive and take us into a fantasy world for a few hours. Moreover, playing games can improve brain activity (not all) and are fun. Therefore, we should be thanking the video game industry for their intense hard [...]

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Top 5 Benefits of Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance

There are many benefits of professional indemnity (PI) insurance to a business or a professional. It is one of the most important insurance that every new business should purchase beforehand. There are countless risks that can lead to lawsuits and destroy a business. PI insurance provides coverage for professionals and companies to protect against [...]

The Best Insurance for Yoga Instructors and Studios

Namaste! - As yoga is gaining popularity, so is the phrase. It's how yogis greet each other at the start or end of a class. Yoga is a beautiful form of exercise that provides mental and physical benefits. The practice is used worldwide but originated in India over 5,000 years ago. It is known [...]

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The Difference Between Public Liability and Product liability Insurance?

Product liability and public liability are insurances that can be bought together as a bundle under commercial general liability insurance. They are both top insurances needed to protect the business's liability when things don't go the way planned. Having the right liability insurance is crucial for a business as it can save a company from [...]

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What Risks Does the Cannes Film Festival Face?

Movies, films, motion pictures- many ways to describe the visual entertainment that we enjoy and get lost in. Films show us a story through another person's eyes with a combination of images, music, dialogue, lighting, sound, and special effects.  The film industry is one of the toughest industries with a large amount of competition and [...]

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AI Attacks – The Most Powerful Cyber Threat

Every company in this modern environment shares one common concern: cyber-attacks. The concern reduces when companies have cyber security to avoid cyber risks. Cyber security should be one of the first things to invest in when starting your business online. Cyber-attacks can spring out of nowhere for various reasons; you don't have to be [...]

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How a Gym Injury Almost Ruined a Fitness Business?

Gyms are a great place to forget your worries and train to your limit. Especially with the recent opening of gyms, it's time to get in shape and reach physical goals. Although, anyone who works out knows the various risks resulting in gym injuries. Gyms and personal trainers are experts who know about these risks [...]

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The Best Insurance for Hairdressers and Salons

The hair salons opening has been a blessing to many of us in Hong Kong. Finally, we can fix our hair with the help of professional hairdressers. The everyday hairdresser duties include hair cutting, colouring, styling clients’ hair, and more. Hairdressers, beauticians, and hairstylists are magicians that turn messy, embarrassing hair into something extraordinary. Although, [...]

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Case study: How To Cover a Volunteer Injury?

Many of us associate labour day with a holiday and the start of May, but it is much more than that. It is a day to celebrate the amazing work done by employees/ workers. Each company is lucky to have its employees and volunteers that help them grow and meet its goals. Some businesses run [...]

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