Main Insurance for Suppliers to Cover Their Industry Risks

Creating a product is a long and complex process, as there are many businesses involved in creating one product. The process of creating a product is known as a supply chain process. It is the process of turning raw material into a market product. Companies aim to make the process efficient and financially reasonable. [...]

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Industries With The Most Product Defect Claims

There are millions of products created and sold daily all over the world. Every product business has a duty to provide the best product they can while also making sure it is safe for the intended customers. There is always a chance a product may not be as safe as a company may believe. [...]

Top 10 Steps to Increase Business Cybersecurity Today

Businesses heavily depend on the Internet in this digital age. The Internet has become critical for selling, marketing, data collection and much more. The increase in digital transformation has also increased the risk of cyber-attacks.  Any business using the Internet can be a victim of a cyber-attack – no one is safe these days. [...]

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Ultimate Risk Management Strategies to Protect Your Business

Over the years, there has been an increase in business risks. Risks are anything that negatively impacts the business, its profit and its future. Risk may differ for each company depending on their industry, location, target market and more. Every business must be aware of its risks and have adequate risk management strategies to [...]

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Why Your Business Needs Property All Risk Insurance?

Many businesses work from certain premises and require specific assets to perform their duty. The business property can be any location or asset owned or rented by a company. Business locations include offices, shops, factories, hotels and many more. On the other hand, business assets could be any company asset, from a laptop to [...]

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Top 5 Business Threats to the F&B Industry

The food and beverage (F&B) industry constantly changes with new regulations, health trends and customer needs. The role of the F&B industry is to produce, package and distribute various food and beverage products. The industry is important not just due to our needs but also due to the economic contribution worldwide. The industry consists [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Crime Insurance

Every business, at some point, will deal with a form of crime that results in financial loss. Unfortunately, there is no way for companies to predict future crimes or even prevent them all. Business crimes can occur in any business, including offices, restaurants, retail shops and even warehouses. No business is safe from all [...]

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All You Need To Know About Advertisers Liability Insurance

Every company uses some form of advertising to communicate and reach their customers about their product or service. Advertising aims to influence, inform and persuade customers or clients. Advertising can include video adverts, billboards, Google adverts and a range of social media advertisements. When advertising is right, it has many benefits for companies, from [...]

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Difference Between Cargo and Freight Forwarder Insurance

Every day millions of different cargo are moving from one place to another. Cargo can be transported by sea, air or road, depending on the distance and urgency. However, around 80 % of all cargo is estimated to be transported by marine cargo ships. Unfortunately, according to a World Shipping Council (WSC) report, up to 1,382 [...]

Top Insurances for Trainers and Coaches in Hong Kong

Sports trainers and coaches in Hong Kong play a crucial role in teaching various clients sports skills or developing them. Their clients include individuals or teams - kids to professional competing athletes. The profession is always followed by various risks that can negatively impact them. These risks can include accidents, damages, injuries, and liability [...]

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