Case Study: Why Every Business Needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

This case study explains how every professional is at risk of being sued for their mistake while performing their role. Lawsuits can arise from anywhere due to negligence, intellectual property, misrepresentation and more. These lawsuits can ruin a business financially and damage its reputation. Professional indemnity insurance provides coverage for professionals and companies to protect against [...]

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Top 4 Insurances Needed To Cover Product Risks Claims

The goal of many companies is to provide a product that fills a market gap. Every day there is a new idea that converts into a product and meets a specific purpose. People decide which products to buy after examining both tangible and intangible attributes of a product. For example, taste, look, brand and price. [...]

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Planning A Concert: Have You Thought About Event Insurance?

As time passes, things seem to be getting better; unfortunately, covid has not vanished yet as predicted. Although, it is slowing passing and face to face events are coming back, with the correct covid regulations. It has been a tough few years without events and socialising. However, things are finally feeling brighter with events like [...]

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All You Need to Know About Film Insurance

It is a lazy Sunday afternoon; you don't want to move from that comfy sofa; what do you do?- Most of us put on our streaming platform and watch a good movie or show. A good movie or show can entertain, educate, and inspire us as viewers in various ways. Films/shows have become a big [...]

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Case Study: Product liability Insurance vs E-Cigarette Explosion Claim

This case study will explain a product injury case and how product liability insurance has helped our client. Product liability insurance covers claims is linked to product defects. A company will be liable for any defects if they design, manufactures or sell a product. In addition, if the product causes property damage, harm or illness [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Startup Insurance

We all have that dream within us to start our own company and work for ourselves. Daily, people are creating new companies in the hope of success. These companies aim to change the world with innovative ideas and unique working styles. These companies are well known as startups. A startup is a new company that [...]

Case Study : How did Employee Compensation Insurance save 200,000 HKD?

This case study will explain a work injury case and how employee compensation insurance has helped one of our client (employer). Employee compensation insurance is mandatory for every employer in Hong Kong. The insurance helps companies protect their employees by providing coverage for injuries and occupational illnesses that may occur during their working period. Therefore [...]

All You Need To Know About Professional Indemnity Insurance

There are a range of professionals in the working environment, each with a different purpose and duty. Some professionals provide products, and some provide services. Professionals who provide services have a serious responsibility to their clients. It is common for clients to trust these professionals with no questions asked, hoping for the best advice/service. These [...]

Why Environmental Insurance is Having a Powerful Impact in 2021?

One of the most important and growing topics in the world right now is the environment. As the years pass, there seem to be more and more environmental issues that affect the well-being of the plant, animals and us, humans. It's an issue that has been a hot topic for generations and is something that [...]

Why Is Employee Compensation Insurance Important In Hong Kong?

All businesses run with the help of employees. CEOs and directors have a vision for their business and an idea of how they want to grow to succeed. Employees are part of creating and executing the vision with the instructions they receive. Successful companies understand that employees are a crucial asset to a business to [...]

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