Effective Ways to Prevent Business Lawsuits

One of the worst things every company dreads is a lawsuit. A business lawsuit can occur to any business regardless of the size or industry. It is a serious threat that can destroy a company and its future. Lawsuits usually arise due to specific risks associated with the company. These risks can include liability [...]

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Top 5 Surprising Product Recall Examples

Manufacturing and selling a product has various risks, regardless of the product type. Product defects are one of the worst situations any product business can face. A product defect is when there is a problem with the product that causes harm to the consumer. After a product defect is reported, another nightmare follows, known [...]

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Easter Event Risks: How to Avoid Them?

Easter is a holiday for both prayer and fun, celebrated with family. It is an opportunity for families to decorate eggs, participate in egg hunts, and go to various Easter events or fairs. Easter is an excellent opportunity for businesses to organise easter egg hunts, carnival events and fairs for kids and families. Companies [...]

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Small Business Risks: Identifying And Managing for Success

Every business worldwide has started as a small business and gradually grown into what it may be today. Starting and running a small business takes a lot, from a business plan to trustworthy employees. Running a small business, also known as a SME, is challenging and requires a deep understanding of the industry. The [...]

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Top 5 Famous Art Disasters: Could Insurance Cover Them?

Artistic works, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, and music, can successfully communicate the emotions and messages of the artist through the piece. The art market has operated for thousands of years, and it includes numerous famous artists and artworks. Each artwork, whether from the past or present, has a unique story to tell about [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Art Exhibition Insurance

Art exhibitions and shows are admired worldwide by art enthusiasts and the general public. March is a big month for art in Hong Kong with the return of Art Central and Art Basel exhibitions. An art exhibition is a space where art meets an audience. Exhibitions bring art, artists and aesthetes from around the [...]

Top Insurance for A Bakery in Hong Kong

You can almost sniff out bakeries in every corner of Hong Kong that provide delicious, sweet and savoury snacks. A bakery is any retail shop that offers fresh flour-based products such as buns, cakes, breads and many more. (Some cafes can also be categorised as bakeries). Bakeries are a huge part of Hong Kong [...]

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Understanding the Risks of Hosting Business Seminars

Hosting business seminars is a common practice worldwide and is a great opportunity. Business seminars, also known as conferences, are events hosted by a business or organisation to educate or train about a specific topic. The seminar topics could be almost anything connected to any industry, business trend or job role.  Hosts invite experts [...]

Reasons Businesses Need Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

As a company grows and becomes more successful, it needs more managers to monitor its activities. Each department has its managers and directors responsible for overseeing duties and employees. These directors and managers are trusted to make decisions and take actions that benefit the company.  However, they can also be held liable if any [...]

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Business Insurance

Protecting your business is one of the most important things when running a company. Each industry has risks; in fact, every business has its specific risks. One of the best ways to protect your business is by purchasing business insurance(s). The risks could relate to liability, employee, cyber, management, property, etc. Business risks can [...]

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