What is School Liability Insurance?

School liability insurance

Education is a growing and beneficial industry. Although like any other industry, it has its risks, especially for professionals involved. School directors and teachers can face lawsuits at any time while doing their job regularly.

School liability insurance protects the school and all its employees from professional risks that may occur while performing their duties.

What is covered?

School liability insurance provides coverage for:

  • Defamation claims- If staff is accused of making a statement that damages a third party’s reputation
  • Copyright claims
  • Loss of private documents
  • School Employee practise claims-teachers and non-teaching staff
  • Legal expenses cover
  • Schooling liabilities such as study tours, extra-curricular activities, etc

What should you know?

School liability insurance is one of the most beneficial insurances in the education industry. As no one knows when a claim may occur. It could be parents accusing teachers of wrongfully teaching their kids, cyberbullying claims, or lawsuits involving the board’s negligence.

The insurance will protect all employees; this includes all teachers, directors and officers, volunteers and non-teaching staff.

Insurers can customise school liability insurance for different types of schools. No matter if your school is a small kindergarten or an international university, school liability insurance will cover you.


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