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Main Insurance for NGOs and Nonprofits in Hong Kong

Most of us do not know about World NGO Day on the 27th of February. It is a day to spread awareness of the importance of NGOs and their crucial role in the world. It is a day to understand the different types of NGOs and nonprofit organisations that help various people, animals and [...]

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Top Benefits of Hiring Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

Many families consist of both partners working, which makes it challenging to balance work, life and family. Domestic helpers are vital to Hong Kong; many families could not live in the city without their helper(s). In fact, over 390,000 domestic helpers in Hong Kong help their employers with their busy lifestyles. Domestic helpers are [...]

E-commerce Business Cyber Risks to Be Aware of in 2024

E-commerce is the trading of products or services online using the Internet. E-commerce businesses have changed the way the world trades and shops worldwide. The Internet has created opportunities for small businesses and startups to reach a wide market and succeed. Amazon, one of the biggest e-commerce websites, sells around 66 thousand orders per [...]

2024-02-06T15:10:37+08:00February 7th, 2024|Categories: Business Insurance|Tags: , , , |

Managing Chinese New Year Risks for A Safe Celebration

The 10th of February will mark the start of the 2024 Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year. A festival that is known worldwide and celebrated by billions. It is a holiday in Southeast Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and many more. The days leading up [...]

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The Year of The Dragon: Powerful & Fiery Predictions for 2024

As we move past New Year's and into 2024, millions worldwide look forward to the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year.  The festival is one of the most important festivals that marks the start of the new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. The exciting festival is celebrated with friends [...]

2024-01-31T09:14:57+08:00January 31st, 2024|Categories: Personal Insurance|Tags: |

The Importance of Insurance for the Tourism Industry

Tourism is an essential industry worldwide due to its beneficial economic impact. Many countries depend on their tourism to develop and create opportunities. The industry consists of various companies that offer different services to customers. The main companies that fall under the tourism industry are airlines, travel agencies, hotels, tour companies and various entertainment [...]

2024-02-21T14:37:46+08:00January 26th, 2024|Categories: Business Insurance|Tags: , , |

2024 Cyber Threat Predictions: Are You Protected?

As businesses move towards 2024, cyber threats continue to be a major concern, with millions of attacks recorded in 2023.  Dealing with any form of cyber-attack is complex and costly. In fact, IBM has recorded that an average data breach takes 227 days to recover and costs around USD 4.45 million in 2023. IT [...]

Top Insurances for Marketing Agencies in Hong Kong

Every company has a target audience they desire to reach for their business to grow. The target audience could be other companies or specific customers. Marketing can be a lot of work and complicated. Hence, a large amount of businesses outsource their marketing effort. Companies hire marketing agencies to help grow their business and [...]

2024-01-19T09:27:11+08:00January 19th, 2024|Categories: Business Insurance|Tags: , , , |

Main Risks Of Exporting Products Internationally

Have you heard about the recent Red Sea crisis? The Red Sea Crisis is a political issue where the Houthi rebels have been targeting commercial ships that pass through the Red Sea. The canal handled about 12% of global trade, which all international companies now avoid (taking the longer way around). Avoiding the Red [...]

Top Insurances for Freelancers in Hong Kong

A typical 9-6 job is not for everyone; thousands prefer to work on their schedule and for themselves. Professionals who work independently (full-time or part-time) on a per-job basis are known as freelancers. Full-time freelancers neither work for someone nor employ others.  Companies pay freelancers to complete specific jobs within a certain period, which [...]

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