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What Is Fiduciary Duty & The Consequences of Breaching?

A business is made of various roles that have certain duties they must follow to help the company run and grow. Some of these roles include directors and officers. Directors and officers include specific positions such as CEOs, CFOs, HR, and managers. They have high power and responsibility to the company and the members [...]

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Business Risks That Can Seriously Harm Your Company

Running a business comes with its benefits and risks. Almost every business shares similar business risks that they should be aware of. Starting a business itself is a risk as it involves uncertainty; there are always chances that things will go wrong. Business risks can be internal or external factors that can lower profits, [...]

Can Insurance Cover Cyber Attack Interruptions?

Business interruption is a period when a business cannot operate because of a storm, flood, or any other unfortunate event. The various types of business interruptions can ruin a company as it causes income loss while the business is still liable to pay for rents, salary and other outgoing costs. One of the increasing types [...]

Best Way To Reduce The Impact Of Manufacturing Risks

Every product has a different stage, from design to distribution. Each step is as crucial as the other. One of these stages includes manufacturing, for which most companies outsource this important step to other companies. For example, Apple purchases and assembles its parts through Asian manufacturing companies due to the cost and efficiency. Millions [...]

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How Home Insurance Coverd a Home Flooding After A Holiday?

There are more and more people travelling over summer holidays and planning future Christmas holidays too. Things finally seem to be brightening up, and a holiday is a perfect way to forget the past crazy years and relax. Although there are a few things, one must do before leaving for a holiday. An important checklist [...]

2022-07-22T09:21:00+08:00July 22nd, 2022|Categories: Personal Insurance|Tags: , |

How To Practise Safety On Set To Avoid Filming Risks?

Creating any film project takes hard work, the right talent, staff and management. These factors are crucial for turning a good script into a movie or series. The primary purpose of creating a series or film is to entertain the audience and get them hooked till the end. One of the best ways to [...]

2022-07-13T10:52:30+08:00July 13th, 2022|Categories: Business Insurance|Tags: , |

Leading Causes Of Business Interruption Insurance Claims

When starting a business, most company founders focus on the positive side of running a business and push the negative side far back. They are right; an entrepreneur needs to be positive. Unfortunately, the negative side and risks don't just disappear. As soon as one starts a  business, it is essential to understand these [...]

2022-07-06T09:24:39+08:00July 6th, 2022|Categories: Business Insurance|Tags: |

All You Need to Know About Medical Malpractice Insurance

The medical industry is full of heroic professionals and is one of the world's most important industries. The medical and healthcare industry has changed the world with new knowledge and advanced treatments. The health care sector continues to rise to new challenges and cure diseases. Advancements in medicine and complex procedures have bought hope [...]

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Top 5 Types of Insurance Frauds and the Consequences

Insurance fraud occurs when someone deliberately lies to gain insurance benefits they are not entitled to. While most insurance claims are real, some fraud claims are submitted to insurers to make easy money. Insurance fraud is a constant struggle for every insurer and insurance company. Unfortunately, some frauds go through undetected and cost the [...]

2022-06-24T09:26:25+08:00June 24th, 2022|Categories: Business Insurance|Tags: , |

Retail Insurance: The Best Solution for SME Retailers

However you shop – we all constantly step into many retailers to purchase food, clothes, technology, or any products. These physical shops, e-commerce or franchises are crucial for any country's economic growth. As retailers are the key connection between manufacturers and customers. They are the final sales point and instrumental to the entire distribution [...]

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