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The first quarter of any year is always doubtful and concerning. Every business wants to reach new levels each year and start strong. One month into 2023, many companies have started seriously looking into the possible risks of 2023. As each year brings its own set of risks, disasters, industry crises and more.

Business risks can be different to each continent or even country. In 2021, out of 333 million companies worldwide, 186 million were in Asia. As we can tell, Asia is one of the biggest business hubs worldwide, with industry leaders from China, India and more.

Asia’s economies will continue developing, with the region expected to contribute roughly 60% of global growth by 2030. As a result, thousands of businesses in past years have moved to Asia or work more with Asian companies in 2023.

However, Asian companies in 2023 are expected to face many professionally common and sudden challenges. Therefore, each Asian business must be prepared for possible risks and have appropriate strategies. 

The best plan to anticipate and protect your company against Asia’s business risks in 2023 is with an adequate range of insurance. Hence the article will discuss insurances each business in Asian countries needs to deal with potential risks in 2023.

Top Insurances Needed to Face Asia’s Business Risks In 2023

Cyber Insurance

China, India and Vietnam, are among the world’s top 10 countries of origin for cyber-attacks. The number of hackers and their abilities is growing in Asia, meaning cyber-attacks will be one of Asia’s most significant business risks in 2023. Asian companies can be victims of cyber-attacks at any time of the year.

Each cyber-attack can result in millions of dollars of financial loss. The loss may include the cost of a data breach (restoring data), possible ransomware, and removing the threat. There are now countless cyber-attacks, some of which are challenging to detect due to the use of AI.

Asia's Business Risks In 2023 , Cyber risks , Insurance for Asian Businesses, asia technical, financial news asia

Each Asian business must have appropriate cybersecurity and, most importantly, cyber insurance. Cybersecurity may help detect the attack, but if that fails- cyber insurance will help the company deal with the result of the attack.

Cyber insurance will offer expert protection by providing specialist advice, cyber actions, Ransome costs, third-party communications, data retrieval costs and reimbursement of financial loss. It is a must for all companies working in Asia or even working with Asian companies in 2023.

Liability Insurances

Liability claims are among top threatening Asia’s business risks in 2023. These claims are a common threat that can affect any business in Asia. The common claims include lawsuits due to negligence, misconduct, breach of contract, injuries, or property damage to a third party. 

Liability Insurances HK

Dealing with a liability lawsuit can be extremely costly and cause unwanted financial loss. For example, even a simple public liability lawsuit in Hong Kong can start with around HKD 100,000. The costs include investigation fees, lawyer fees, settlement, court fees and more.

Companies must purchase a range of liability insurance to deal with Asia’s business risks in 2023. All liability insurance will cover legal, settlement and most cost related to the case. 

The case could be related to your business’s advice, product, premises, activities, or management. You could be sued by third parties, clients, customers or even employees.

The liability insurances include professional indemnity (PI), director & officer (D&O), product liability and public liability insurance. Each insurance has a specific purpose and coverage.

Trade Credit Insurance

Economically, 2023 as the year may not be the best, and Asian companies, like the rest of the world, will suffer. Economy experts predict Asia’s economic growth will likely fall lower than in 2022. The main reason is due to the global economic conditions and predicted recession. This is one of Asia’s business risks in 2023 that many companies will fear and be hit by – no matter the industry.

Asia's Business Risks In 2023 - bankruptcy Hong Kong, asia risk

 Many companies may not be able to complete transactions and may file for bankruptcy this year. Even if a business is not directly affected by the economic downturn, it may be affected when clients and partners cannot pay for their products or services.

 Companies in Asia must try their best to keep their finance tight and get back all the money they are due. However, this may not always be the case, and companies may be unable to gain their payment from bankrupt or financially down companies. 

In 2023, all companies must purchase trade credit insurance. The insurance will cover the profits and financial losses when clients cannot pay due to bankruptcy, war, or political issues. There should always be a backup cover when things go wrong.

Property All-Risk Insurance

Depending on the business, business property is crucial to the operation of a company and is where they run and earn. Property damage can slow down or even shut down a business entirely. Property damage can include natural disasters, vandalism, theft, fires, or floods. What if, like in 2022, natural disasters are part of Asia’s business risks in 2023? 

Property All Risks Insurance

In fact, environmental expert forecast that in 2023 climate change will again cause unpredictable natural disasters. Many Asian companies in 2023 may face property damage to their property and business assets due to floods, fires, or typhoons.

Moving on from property damage is expensive and times too much. Businesses in Asia should purchase or re-evaluate their property all-risk insurance. The insurance will financially cover the cost of repair and replacement when faced with unforeseen property damage. Even a highly developed city like Hong Kong may have to deal with damage from typhoons.

Business Interruption Insurance

One of Asia’s business risks in 2023 will be unexpected business interruptions. Due to property damage, many businesses may need to pause to repair and restart the business. During this time, incomes won’t be coming in, but expenses will still be going out.

Business Interruption Risks- Company Shutdown, business risk

Additionally, cyber-attacks will likewise be the main reason for business interruption, which will be as costly to recover from. The expenses that an Asian business will still have to pay along with repair and restoration costs will be rent, salaries and stock updates. Therefore, if your store is burned down or your site is hacked, your business will need a pause for a few weeks to months.

To deal with these unfortunate situations and costly expenses – Asian businesses must purchase business interruption insurance in 2023. The insurance will cover expenses and financial loss during the business shutdown due to covered reasons. So even though your business is at pause, you will not have to worry about financial loss and reopening in debt.

How These Insurances Will Benefit Asian Companies In 2023?

Asia’s business risks in 2023 are forecasted to impact the year and the businesses in Asia significantly. Insurance is one of the best ways to deal with these risks and be prepared even before they affect you.

Each insurance mentioned above has different properties and coverage. Additionally, each one is as important as the other, as any of these risks could affect your business.

The range of insurance will also provide benefits even if you have been a victim of most business risks. They will provide financial protection and peace of mind

Running a business in 2023 is challenging enough, and with insurance, you can just focus on growing this year. Therefore, it’s time to call your insurance provider to ensure you are covered from these risks and review what additional insurances you may need.


To learn more about the range of business insurances and protect your company from Asia’s business risks in 2023, contact Red Asia Insurance.