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Art exhibitions and shows are admired worldwide by art enthusiasts and the general public. March is a big month for art in Hong Kong with the return of Art Central and Art Basel exhibitions.

An art exhibition is a space where art meets an audience. Exhibitions bring art, artists and aesthetes from around the world to one location to admire, study and sometimes buy art.

These events give artists and hosting businesses a chance to introduce art and increase art awareness. Although hosting an art exhibition event is unlike any other, art events come with countless risks and costs.

Art exhibition hosts are responsible for priceless art pieces and the event’s success. Many things could go wrong before, during or even after the art exhibition.

Hence, the best thing art businesses can do is purchase protection in the form of insurance. One of the best policies explicitly created for art shows is art exhibition insurance. The policy is the perfect protection to protect various factors connected to the exhibition.

What Is Art Exhibition Insurance?

Art exhibition insurance is an insurance solution that combines various policy covers to protect different art exhibitions and shows from multiple risks. Having a custom-made policy ensures every art hosting business has the proper protection to execute the events.

Businesses can use the insurance for most types of art events, such as exhibitions, shows, fairs, and even art film events. The insurance cover begins as soon as the art has been picked up to the point of being returned.

Accidents and errors can occur at any point of an art event, and having protection is vital. The insurance provides various covers that are best for an art exhibition, which the article will highlight. 

What Does Art Exhibition Insurance Cover?

In Transit Damage 

Art exhibition hosts are responsible for bringing agreed art to one location. Commonly, art is held by a museum or an artist who may not be in the same country as the exhibition. 

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Companies must organise safe and effective transportation from the original location to the exhibition and back. Art is typically transported by air or road, depending on the location and art size. There is always a chance of damage while the art is in transit. 

For example, Andy Warhol’s self-portrait was caught and ripped by a blast of wind as it was carried from a gallery to a removal van.

The damage could be due to mishandling, the route, weather or a freak accident. 

Art exhibition insurance provides policyholder hook-to-hook coverage. The insurance will cover most in-transit damage from when it was picked up to when it was returned. In case of damage, the insurance will reimburse the repair cost. If experts can’t recover the art, the policy will reimburse the cost of the art at market value.

The cover is a must even if it is a short journey; anything could occur, and the exhibition organisers will be liable.

Event Cancelation

Various situations may force the art exhibition organiser to cancel the event or show. Cancellation can be tricky as the business must refund all tickets, lose their venue deposit and more.

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For instance, all  UK exhibitions were forced to cancel exhibitions and shows for a day due to national mourning when the queen passed.

Cancellation can occur at any exhibition for many reasons, especially when dealing with different art pieces, artists, and unpredictable weather. The cancellation can result in thousands to millions in financial loss and reputation damage for the business and exhibition.

Fortunately, the event coverage in art exhibition insurance will cover exhibition cancellation costs. The policy will cover refunding tickets and reimbursing any lost expenses. It is an essential cover as even the best-organised event may face unpredictable trouble. 

Public Liability Risks

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The main purpose of the art exhibition is to invite attendees to the event to experience and admire the art. When the hosting business invites and plans an art exhibition, they have a responsibility to the public.

The responsibility involves ensuring the safety of the attendees and not damaging any property due to the exhibition. There is always a possibility an attendee may slip and fall on the premises or a business may damage public property while transporting the art.

In either case, the third party affected may take action against the business managing the art exhibition for compensation. These public liability claims can be expensive and result in severe financial loss.

Art exhibition insurance can also include public liability coverage for such risks. The insurance will cover most third-party injury or property damage claims that occur on premises or due to exhibition activities. These accidents occur without warning, and having insurance can help deal with the lawsuits.

Exhibition Art Damage 

The risk of damage never ends when dealing with art and inviting people to see multiple art pieces. When the exhibition is open, the risks are at the highest. The hosting business can never predict what an attendee might do or what could happen during the exhibition.

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For example, there have been many situations where attendees have entered the premises and damaged the art. For example, two movement activists recently splashed pumpkin soup on the armoured glass-protected famous Mona Lisa. In this case, the painting was shielded, but in many cases, the art may not be covered.

The damage could be on purpose or an accident, such as a fire or flood at the exhibition hall. No matter the cause of the damage to art during the exhibition, the business will be liable.

Thankfully, art exhibition insurance will cover most damages during the exhibition or show. Much like in transit damage, the insurance will reimburse the repair or provide the cost at market value. The cover may not be able to recover damaged art, but it is the best way to avoid the huge loss that follows.

Theft or Loss

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While damage is a massive risk to art, so is theft or loss. Theft or loss may be less common nowadays with the help of cameras and tracking technology, but they still occur. When art is lost or stolen, there is nothing a business can do except call the authorities.

Much like damage, businesses are still liable even if stolen or lost. There is a higher chance of situations occurring during transit. For example, a painting by Spanish artist Francisco de Goya worth over USD 1 million was stolen en route to an exhibition at New York’s Guggenheim Museum.

If the art is not recovered over time, the business will lose millions and ruin the exhibition’s reputation. Art exhibition insurance will cover the costs of lost art at market value. However, the claim process may be longer and will need police reports. Even if theft or loss is rare, adequate protection is necessary to deal with the chances.

Benefits of Art Exhibition Insurance

Hosting and executing an art exhibition can be complicated and have sudden risks. The right art exhibition insurance policy is necessary to protect the exhibition, art and other factors.

Dealing with these risks can be expensive, from repair to lawsuits. The main benefit of art exhibition insurance is the range of financial cover. The insurance’s financial benefit can help art businesses recover effectively without financial damage.

Every business associated with the art exhibition must be careful before, during and after. However, they can relax slightly, knowing they have insurance coverage if uncontrollable things occur.

Art exhibition insurance can be the policy that saves an art exhibition during disastrous situations occurring without warning.



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