We are pleased to offer you the possibility to subscribe your Home Insurance in China with one of the most reliable international insurer in China, AXA Tianping.

It is easy and quick to subscribe. You just have to fill in the form and to send it to us by Email. Within 48hours, you will get the official proposal from AXA Tianping.

Premium is calculated through a percentage of the sums declared and has a minimum of 800RMB/year

Subscription of this policy will cover your home on an All Risks basis. But not only! You can add extensions such as:

  • Worldwide personal belongings. Cover your belongings during your travels (such as break or loss of your computer)
  • Domestic servants. Cover your ayis and other domestic staffs in case of incident at your home
  • Liability. Cover your liability for incident from your home that impact others premises (such as flooding, fire…)

Home Insurance China


1 . Please download our Application Form on this LINK.

2. Fill in the Home Insurance Application Form such as:

  • Section 1. Mandatory if you are the Owner
  • Section 2. Mandatory if you are the Owner or the Tenant
  • Section 3. If you want to cover your belongings during your travels
  • Section 4. If you want to cover your domestic servants in case of Incident
  • Section 5. If you want to cover your liability

3. Send the filled-in Application Form to this Email Address:

[email protected]