property insurance

Property All Risks Insurance

Property All Risks Insurance is one of the most basic insurance policy. It is designed to cover your tangible assets from accidents. It essential to protect your premises, equipment, inventory and vehicles against accidents or risks to your business. You can also get extension to cover typhoon or earthquake in certain country.
machinery breakdown and property insurance

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Machinery Breakdown Insurance is a policy to cover machinery, technical and industrial equipment during their normal use against physical loss or damage. For mobile machine and transportable hardware warranty also applies during assembly, disassembly, maintenance and repair, ground transportation and handling.
construction all risk, erection all risk and property insurance shanghai

Construction and Erection All Risks Insurance

Construction and Erection All Risks Insurance (CAR and EAR) provide a coverage against damage to property that may occur during the construction or erection period: fire, explosion, flooding, storms, natural phenomena…. The policy covers the prime contractor and all subcontractors involved in the construction operation on site.
Home Insurance in China! Wether you are the owner or the tenant of your home, you can be covered with an “All Risks” Insurance including extension such as worldwide personnel belongings, domestic servants and liability.

It is easy and quick to subscribe and you will be covered by one of the most famous International Insurance group.

business interruption insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

In addition to Property All Risks and Machinery Breakdown Insurances, Business Interruption policy come to cover the company affected by serious damage when facing a downturn often long, even a total stop of production resulting in significant financial consequences. The policy allows the company to offset the impact of lower revenue and covering the fixed charges (depreciation, taxes, rent, staff salaries , loan interest …). This insurance will also help the company to incur extraordinary costs consequential loss.