container insurance and cargo insurance

Cargo Program

Programmes of Insurance are covering cargo wether by sea, air or land and are taylor made depending of different factors:

  • The nature of the goods and packaging.
  • The mode of transport (ocean, the name and age of the vessel).
  • The route provided.
  • The value of the goods.
  • The nature of the guarantees covered.
  • The volume of transactions to insure.
stock insurance and cargo insurance

Stock Insurance

You can choose to extend your cargo insurance program by including storage (long term / short term), processing and/or risks depending of distribution center. Those policy can be an extension to your cargo policy or a specific policy.
guaranteed outturn insurance

Guaranteed Outturn

Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG) will protect you from the risk of incurring Unknown costs due to weight spread between loading and discharge represent a certain risk for bulk cargo (especially for liquids). Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG) provide protection for those “paper losses” when there is no apparent and/or identifiable cause of loss.
project cargo insurance

Project Cargo

Project Cargo Insurance policy is a dedicated cover that fit with the specific needs of the largest and smallest projects and their special risks, including:

  • Cover against loss and/or damage during their transit for critical and high value added components of large civil infrastructure, production facility and/or big construction projects.
  • Delay in Start-Up (DSU) and Advanced Loss of Profits (ALOP) covers against loss of income and profit resulting from late or non-arrival of critical components due to physical loss or damage.
livestock insurance. cargo insurance

Livestock Insurance

Dedicated Cargo Insurance Policy for Livestock shipment, whether by sea, land or air, travelling anywhere in the world.
fine art. art freight insurance. cargo insurance

Fine Art

Dedicated Cargo Insurance Policy for Fine Art, Specie, Antiques and valuables whilst in transit and on exhibition.
container operating insurance

Container Operating

Comprehensive insurance policy for Container Leasing and Operating companies. This kind of program cover damage on owned and/or leased equipment, lessor default, repatriation and recovery. It usually also cover the loss of revenue  due to damaged equipment and third party liabilities.